1st class sacred treasure order

  1. 1st class Sacred Treasure order awarded in 1907 to Director of the Board of Audit of Japan Koichi Hama

    Full set from a late Meiji era in pristine condition. Sash badge. Silver, gilt, enamel. Breast star. Silver, gilt, enamel. Original case and sash.
  2. 1st class Sacred Treasure order awarded in 1945 of Vice Admiral Ryūnosuke Kusaka

    Judging by the type of document and variation of the order both were issued somewhere around early 1960s. Formally awarded on May 17, 1945. Sacred Treasure No. 137 540 (in after war restarted numbering). Emperor Hirohito signature.
  3. 1st class Sacred Treasure document issued in 1993 to Jean-Louis Wolzfeld, former Ambassador of Luxembourg to Japan

    Private collection. Photos courtesy of the owner. Awarded on November 19, 1993 to Jean-Louis Walsfeldt /ジャン・ルイ・ウォルズフェルトを /. Sacred Treasure order No.10 953 awarded to a foreigner. Emperor Heisei signature. Details.
  4. 1st class Sacred Treasure order awarded in 1986 to Frank Bradford Morse

    Set was awarded to Bradford F. Morse (former Administrator of the United Nations Development Programme) on November 3, 1986. Badges is marked GK. "Trident" type breast star https://asiamedals.info/threads/trident-breast-stars-of-the-order-of-the-sacred-treasure.25703/ Original...
  5. 1st class Sacred Treasure order awarded in 1964

    Exemplary full set from mid-1960s. Badge. Breast star. Details. Sash rosette. Miniature button rosette.
  6. 1st class Sacred Treasure order awarded in 1971 to German Diplomat Paul Frank

    Full set from collection of Deutsches Historisches Museum, Berlin. About cavalier https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Paul_Frank_(Diplomat) Original document with official translation. Issued on September 21, 1971. It was 8655th Sacred Treasure order issued to foreigner.
  7. 1st class Sacred Treasure order of Field Marshal Erhard Milch

    Erhard Milch (30 March 1892 – 25 January 1972) oversaw the development of the German Luftwaffe as part of the re-armament of Nazi Germany following World War I. He was State Secretary in the Reich Ministry of Aviation and Inspector General of the Air force. During most of World War II, he was...
  8. 1st class Sacred Treasure order and Commander Cross of French National Order of Merit of Makoto Watanabe

    Abouth the cavalier (he was Imperial Court Councilor/Geheimrat) https://ja.wikipedia.org/wiki/%E6%B8%A1%E9%83%A8%E4%BF%A1 Rare set that was actually issued in 1943. Naturally case has silver kanji.
  9. 1st class Sacred Treasure with riverts issued in 1983

    Set that was issued on November 3, 1983.