3rd class golden kite order

  1. 3rd class Golden Kite order awarded posthumously for the 1938 Battle of Lake Khasan to Colonel Shizuo Hirahara

    Superb group of awards. Regarding Battle of Khasan see also https://asiamedals.info/threads/badges-and-watch-fobs-of-changkufeng-incident-battle-of-lake-khasan.15154/ 3rd class Golden Kite order posthumously awarded on Aiugust 7, 1938 to Major (posthumously promoted to Colonel) Shizuo Hirahara...
  2. 3rd class Golden Kite document issued to Vice Admiral Eiji Gotō in 1940

    Awarded on April 29, 1940 (for China incident) to Captain Eiji Gotō. Golden Kite No. 284 418.
  3. 3rd class Golden Kite order with a Modified Ribbon Fastener

    See also https://asiamedals.info/threads/3rd-class-order-of-the-sacred-treasure-with-a-modified-ribbon-fastener.26583/ Classical early specimen from very early days of the order. Approximately 1895-1906 time period. Original case and neck ribbon. Owner decided decided that simple ties...