5th class rising sun order meiji era

  1. 5th class Golden Kite and 5th class Rising Sun orders awarded in 1906 to Army Infantry Captain for the Russo-Japanese War

    Important time coordinate for this variation of Golden Kite order. Awarded on April 4, 1906. Typical repair https://asiamedals.info/threads/repaired-orders-of-the-golden-kites.23236/ Golden Kite order No. 41 812. Emperor Meiji signature.
  2. 5th class Rising Sun order awarded to German Engineer G.A. Greeven in 1878

    Rare early awarding of foreigner. Almost certainly Hirata-made https://asiamedals.info/forums/rising-sun-orders-made-by-hirata-workshop.627/ badge. Photos courtesy of the owner. Details.
  3. 5th class Rising Sun orders made by Hirata workshop

    Full set. Original case. 平田彦四郎造 - made by Hikoshirō Hirata.