chinese badge

  1. Anti-Communist Freedom Day Commemorative Badge/年反共義士自由日紀念章

    Obverse 自日 - Anti-Communist Freedom Day reverse 年反共義 - Anti-Communism 殺朱拔毛 - Eliminate Zhu and Mao (famous Nationalist slogan) 年反共義士自由日紀念章 - Anti-Communist Freedom Day Commemorative Badge /Anti-Communist and Anti-Russian Aggression Song /反共復國歌/ 打倒俄寇,反共產,反共產 消滅朱毛,殺漢奸,殺漢奸 收復大陸,解救同胞,...
  2. Qingdao City Public Office Cholera Epidemic Prevention Commemorative Watch Fob/青島特別市公署虎烈拉防疫記念章

    Obverse 膠州港 - Jiaozhou Port /Kiautschou/ reverse 青 for 青島 - Qingdao 青島特別市公署 - Qingdao City Public Office 虎烈拉防疫記念章 - Cholera Epidemic Prevention Commemorative Badge 己印年十ー月十五日 - October 15, 1915
  3. Military Academy of the People's Liberation Army Commemorative Badges for the Members of Foreign Military Delegations/軍學紀念章

    Every badge has unique number and sometimes even more unique case. No. 1688 Obverse 努力學习, 力邪卫保 - Study Hard, Strengthen the National Defense 中國人民解放軍軍事學院 - Chinese People's Liberation Army Military Academy reverse 軍學紀念章 - Military Academy Commemorative Badge Stamped number 1688...
  4. Mongolian Nobility Union Badge/蒙古王公聯合會章

    Bronze, gilding, enamel. Size 69 x43 mm. Obverse (in Uighur and Chinese languages) 蒙古王公聯合會 - Mongolian Nobility [lit. Wángs and Gōngs = Princes and Dukes] Union Ribbon with the colors of the Republic of China flag.
  5. Tax Inspector Badge/蒙古税巡章

    Most likely used in Inner Mongolia after 1911. No.18 Size 49 x 34 mm. Weight 14.3 g. Obverse 税巡 - Tax Patrol
  6. 1951 National Oil Exhibition Commemorative Badge/1951全國石油展覧會紀念章

    Obverse 1951 全國石油展覧會 - National Oil Exhibition reverse 紀念章 - Commemorative Badge
  7. "We must liberate Taiwan" badges/一定要解放台湾徽章

    Obverse 一定要解放台湾 - We must liberate Taiwan. Alternative translation.
  8. Commemorative Medal for the Victory in the 1949 Yangtze River Crossing Campaign/1949年渡江胜利纪念章

    Obverse 渡江胜利纪念 - River Crossing Victory Commemoration reverse 中国人民解放军华东军区颁发 - Issued by the East China Military Area Command of the Chinese People's Liberation Army 一九四九年四月二十一日 = 1949年4月21日 = April 21, 1949
  9. Single and Double Crane Award Badges from the Ministry of Finance/北洋政府財政部頒發鶴獎章

    Short lived awards that was issued only for 4 years. Established by Ministry of Finance on January 16, 1914 in two classes: Double Crane (in five grades) and Single Crane (in five grades). In turn both classes could be issued in gold or silver (i.e. there were 10 different levels of award)...
  10. Commemorative Badge for the Advanced Workers of Public Security 1958 Congress in Jilin Province/吉林省公检法先进工作者代表大会紀念章

    Reverse 吉林省 - Jilin Province 公检法 - Public Security Authorities 先进工作者 - Advanced Worker 代表大会紀念章 - Congress Commemorative Badge + punched number 0197