imperial japan navy watch fob

  1. Advanced Aircraft Weapons Course Graduation Commemorative Watch Fobs/高等科航空兵器術雷爆練習生卒業記念章

    1942 Obverse 雷爆 - Navy Air Bomb and Torpedo reverse 皇紀2602年 - 1942 大東亞戰事之秋 - Great East Asia War, Autumn 第十五期高等科航空兵器術 - 15th Advanced Aircraft Weapons Course 雷爆練習生卒業記念 - Navy Air Bomb and Torpedo Trainee Graduation Commemorative
  2. 1934 First Submarine Squadron Watch Fob/昭和九年第一潜水戦隊章

    Size 25 x 30 mm. Weight 7 g. Reverse 第一潜水戦隊 - First Submarine Squadron 昭和九年 - 1934 Original case. Watch fob was made by Hattori workshop