japanese bereaved family badges

  1. Keijō Administrative District Died for the Country Soldier Bereaved Family Badge/京城府殉國軍人遺族章

    Specimen from the collection of Raymond LaBar. Photos courtesy of the owner. Obverse 軍人遺族 - Soldier's Bereaved Family reverse 京城府殉國 - Keijō /Gyeongseong/ Died for the Country /Keijō (Japanese: 京城), or Gyeongseong (Korean: 경성), was an administrative district of Korea under Japanese rule...
  2. Aichi Prefecture Military Bereaved Family Caregiver Badge/愛知縣軍人遺家族世話係之章

    Silver, enamel. Size 20 mm. Reverse 愛知縣 - Aichi Prefecture 軍人遺家族世話係之章 - Military Bereaved Family Caregiver Badge Marked with 純銀 - pure silver and Tanase Medals Work mark https://asiamedals.info/threads/badges-and-medals-manufactured-by-the-s-tanase-medal-works.24130/
  3. Sumiyoshi Soldier's Bereaved Families Support Association Badge/住吉軍人遺家族援護組合章

    Photo courtesy of the owner. Size 29 x 39 mm. 住吉軍人遺家族 - Sumiyoshi [Ward] Soldier Bereaved Family Sumiyoshi is one of 24 wards of Osaka, Japan. It is located on the southern part of the Uemachi Plateau, in the southernmost part of Osaka City, and is separated from Sakai City's Sakai-ku and...
  4. Sakai City Injury and Illness Bereaved Family Badge/堺市堺遺族傷病章

    Obverse 堺 - Sakai [City] 遺族 - Bereaved Family 傷病 - Injury and Illness
  5. Bereaved Family Badge from Tochigi Prefecture/栃木県 遺族徽章

    Thanks to original paper wrapper we known that this is 遺族徽章 - Bereaved Family Badge from 栃木縣 - Tochigi Prefecture In the center of obverse 栃 - Tochi from 栃木- Tochigi