japanese military award

  1. 4th class Golden Kite order posthumously awarded to an Infantry Lieutenant in 1945

    Interesting and rare late war awarding. 4th class Golden Kite order and 6th class Rising Sun order were formally awarded on January 23, 1945 /day of death in a combat/. Both were issued with paper wrappers https://asiamedals.info/threads/japanese-orders-and-medals-in-paper-wrappings.23074...
  2. 3rd class Order of Golden Kite type 1932

    Full set in mint condition.
  3. Orders of Golden Kite with mark 美 /made by Shobido workshop/

    About Shobido workshop https://asiamedals.info/threads/mark-on-japanese-orders-who-and-when.25816/ Shobido workshop mark 美 on Golden Kite orders. 7th class order of Golden Kite with mark 美. Kite geometry. Mark 美. Original case.
  4. 3rd class Golden Kite order with a Modified Ribbon Fastener

    See also https://asiamedals.info/threads/3rd-class-order-of-the-sacred-treasure-with-a-modified-ribbon-fastener.26583/ Classical early specimen from very early days of the order. Approximately 1895-1906 time period. Original case and neck ribbon. Owner decided decided that simple ties...
  5. 2nd class Golden Kite orders from the 1942-1945 time period/1942年〜1945年功二級金鵄勲章

    Until 1942 full set of 2nd class Golden Kite order consisted of breast star and 3rd class neck badge of the order https://asiamedals.info/threads/2nd-class-golden-kite-orders-from-1938-1942-time-period.22887/. Imperial Rescript No. 656 on September 25, 1942 excluded 3th class badge and 2nd class...
  6. Miniature Groups with the Order of the Golden Kite

    Case. This group was made by Sugimura workshop https://asiamedals.info/threads/groups-of-miniatures-from-sugimura-workshop-tokyo.20727/ 杉村商店 - Sugimura Shōten Very high quality of manufacturing.