japanese military order

  1. Modern Replicas of Golden Kite Order Cases

    1st class case.
  2. 7th class Golden Kite order awarded in 1937 to Moriya Yoshihisa

    Very early China Incident awarding. Set was issued to Moriya Yoshihisa /守屋義久/ on August 22, 1937. Details.
  3. 4th class Order of Golden Kite awarded in 1906 to Army Major Yoshitake Sakabe for the Russo-Japanese War

    Kite No. 42 206 was awarded on April 1, 1906 to Army Infantry Major Sakabe Yoshitake/坂部義勇/. Emperor Meiji signature. Cases (miniature rosette is for red cross award).
  4. 7th Class Golden Kite order awarded for the Russo-Japanese War to Army Infantry Superior Soldier Sangoro Suzuki

    "Triangle wing" variation. Awarded on April 1, 1906. Doc No.16 284. 陸軍歩兵上等兵 - Army Infantry Superior Soldier 鈴木三五郎 - Sangoro Suzuki
  5. 4th class Order of Golden Kite awarded in 1942 to Army Captain

    Awarded on January 17, 1942. Payment document. Document for the KIA badge for his next of kin issued March 10, 1944.
  6. 5th Class Golden Kite awarded in 1939 to Engineer Sergeant-Major Hitoshi Okada

    Photos courtesy of the owner. Posthumously awarded on September 23, 1939 to Hitoshi Okada /岡田一四/. Document No. 227 647. Cavalier. Extract from a 1941 book listing Japanese soldiers KIA in China Incident. Holder of the 5th Class Golden Kite and 7th Class Rising Sun. Okada Hitoshi...
  7. European-made Orders of Golden Kite

    Interesting privately purchased specimen. Gilded silver, enamel. Size 42 mm x 46 mm (h - inclusive of its ball suspension). Hollmarked on the reverse with a stylized V denoting a Netherlands tax paid mark for imported silvermark from 1908-1953 time period. '
  8. 2nd class Order of Golden Kite awarded to General Hideki Tojo

    https://asiamedals.info/threads/general-hideki-tojo.24665 Awarded on April 29, 1940. To 東條英機 - Hideki Tojo
  9. 4th class Golden Kite order awarded to the Lieutenant-commander in 1940

    Full set. Original case. Miniature rosette. Document issued on April 29, 1940. Document No. 266 063. Thanks to original payment document (for 4000 yens) we know that cavalier hold rank of Lieutenant-commander /海軍少佐/.
  10. 6th class Golden Kite order marked M awarded in 1938

    issued on August 4, 1938. Document No. 171 552.
  11. 1st class Golden Kite order "Straight from the Mint"

    Classical set from Showa era. Badge and breast star. Original short article. Source.
  12. 5th Class Golden Kite Order issued in 1941 to the Infantry First Lieutenant

    Etalon specimen. Original case. Inscription in silver kanji. Issued on May 16, 1941 to the Infantry First Lieutenant 小室武 - Takeshi Komuro. Details. Watermark.
  13. 4th Class Golden Kite Order awarded on November 5, 1944

    Rare actually issued late war 4th class order of Golden Kite with original document. Issued on November 5, 1944. Document No. 473 107.
  14. 7th class Golden Kite Order awarded in 1895 for the First Sino-Japanese War

    Rare early full set.
  15. 1st Class Golden Kite orders from the Showa epoch/昭和時代功一級金鵄勲章

    Badge. Breast star.