japanese order marked m

  1. Orders of the Precious Crown with mark M

    About mark M https://asiamedals.info/threads/mark-m-on-japanese-orders-and-medals-who-and-when.14818/ 6th class badge marked M.
  2. 7th class Golden Kite order marked M posthumously awarded in 1934 to Army Private First Class for the Manchurian Incident

    Classical posthumous award group with early M-marked Japanese Mint-made order of the Golden Kite and order of Auspicious Clouds. Kite No. 121 935 was awarded on October 14, 1932 (date of death in a combat). Order and document were actually issued around in 1934. Case. Miniature...
  3. 7th class Golden Kite and 8th class Rising Sun orders marked M awarded in 1932 for the Manchurian Incident

    Classical posthumous group of awards for the Manchurian Incident /see also https://asiamedals.info/threads/6th-class-order-of-the-rising-sun-and-6th-class-order-of-the-auspicious-clouds-awarded-posthumous-to-army-doctor-of-1st-class-captain-in-1934.27924/ /. All awards were issued to the Army...
  4. Orders of Sacred Treasure with mark М

    1st class. Another set with the same characteristics. Set in case of late type (without gold edging) with golden kanji. Set in case of late type (without gold edging) with silver kanji. Similar later type of case but with gold kanji. Atypical breast star...
  5. Orders of Rising Sun with mark M

    8th class marked with М from /approximately/ WW2 time period. Case with golden kanji. Mark. Rosette marked with ス. Another example. Mark. Full set with original paper wrapper from Mint. Cased set from approximately 1937 - 1943 time period.
  6. Mark M on Japanese Orders and Medals: Who and When

    Mark M was used by Japanese Mint during 1930s and early 1940s. M for Mint. The earliest currently known time coordinate of mark M - March 1930. The latest - April 6, 1943. Showa Enthronement Commemorative Medal. Luckily for us, dated packages can be found in the boxes of these medals...
  7. Orders of the Chrysanthemum with mark M

    Grand Cordon badge from Osaka Mint.