japanese photo with awards

  1. Family Photos of Japanese Officials

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  2. Lieutenant General Kanji Tsuneoka/常岡寛治 陸軍中将

    Lieutenant-General Kanji Tsuneoka (Japanese 常岡寛治; November 7, 1886; August 15, 1948) Promotions 1930-08-01 Colonel 1935-03-25 Major-General 1938-03-01 Lieutenant-General Service 1929-12-10 – 1931-01-28 Military Attaché to Thailand 1931-04-12 – 1931-08-01 Attached...
  3. Lieutenant General Gaishi Nagaoka/長岡外史 陸軍中将

    Gaishi Nagaoka (長岡 外史, May 13, 1858 - April 21 , 1933) Japanese air force commander and pioneer of aviation, whose mustache measured 20 inches from tip to tip, was born Suō Province in 1858. His father, San'emon Hori (堀 三右衛門, Hori Sanemon), was an adopted son of Nanyo Nagaoka (長岡 南陽, Nagaoka...
  4. Imperial Soldiers' Relief Association Badges in Photos

    Rare photo of Russo-Japanese war veteran with National Uniform Ceremonial Cord https://asiamedals.info/threads/national-uniform-ceremonial-cords-gireisho.25118/ and three-legged raven badge of association...
  5. Japanese Civil Servants with Imperial Korean Orders and Medals