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  1. Lieutenant General Sadakoto Hisamatsu/久松定謨 陸軍中将

    Count Sadakoto Hisamatsu /Japanese: 久松定謨 October 6, 1867 - February 19, 1943/ was a Japanese army officer and the head of the Hisamatsu family. He served as the commander of the 1st Infantry Brigade and the 5th Infantry Brigade. French Legion of Honour, Imperial Russian 3rd class St.Anna for...
  2. Japanese Diplomat and Cabinet Minister Ishii Kikujirō/石井 菊次郎

    Viscount Ishii Kikujirō /石井 菊次郎, April 24, 1866 – May 25, 1945/ was a Japanese diplomat and cabinet minister in Meiji, Taishō and early Shōwa period Japan. He served as Minister for Foreign Affairs of the Empire of Japan between 1915 and 1916. Ishii is remembered for his efforts to improve...
  3. Rear Admiral Yamamoto Shinjirou/山本信次郎 海軍少将

    An impressive variety of awards.
  4. Diplomat Tsuneo Matsudaira/松平 恒雄

    Tsuneo Matsudaira /松平 恒雄, Matsudaira Tsuneo, April 17, 1877 – November 14, 1949/ was the son of Lord Matsudaira Katamori of Aizu, Tsuneo served as Japanese Ambassador to the United States. In 1929–1935 served as Ambassador to Britain, and in that capacity represented his country at the London...
  5. Greater Japan Women's Patriotic Association Badges in Photos

    Members of Shimada Town Branch of Greater Japan Women's Patriotic Association (and Greater Japan National Defense Women's Association https://asiamedals.info/forums/greater-japan-national-defense-womens-association.662/).
  6. Photos with National Uniform Ceremonial Cords/国民服儀礼章フォト

    About national uniform ceremonial cords https://asiamedals.info/threads/national-uniform-ceremonial-cords-gireisho.25118/#post-353555 Interesting example of rules of wearing violation (cord should be worn at the right side). Another possibility - photo was made between May 5 and November 1...
  7. Keibodan in Photos

  8. General Hideki Tojo/東條英機 陸軍大将

    Tōjō Hideki /東條 英機/ (December 30, 1884 – December 23, 1948) was born on December 30, 1884, to a relatively low-ranking samurai family in the Kōjimachi district of Tokyo. He began his career in the Army in 1905 and steadily rose through the ranks to become a general by 1934. In March 1937, he...
  9. Japanese Officers and Officials with Imperial Russian Awards

    Kenkichi Yoshizawa with 2nd class St. Stanislaus order for non-christians. https://asiamedals.info/threads/awards-of-46th-foreign-minister-of-japan-kenkichi-yoshizawa.23143/
  10. Lieutenant General Masazumi Odagiri/小田切政純 陸軍中将

    Masazumi Odagiri /小田切 政純/ (March 28, 1866 - June 7, 1940) was born in Nagano Prefecture. In 1902 he graduated from the 16th class of the Army War College with honors and became a member of the 40th Infantry Regiment. He became commander of the 39th Infantry Regiment in September 1912, Chief of...
  11. General Soroku Suzuki/鈴木荘六 陸軍大将

    Soroku Suzuki /鈴木 荘六/ (March 16, 1865 - February 20, 1940) was born in 1865 in Niigata Prefecture, Japan. He studied at the Kyododan a military school of the early Meiji Era, and was commissioned a cavalry sublieutenant (1981). He graduated from the Army Staff College after the Sino-Japanese...
  12. Admiral Shigetarō Shimada/嶋田繁太郎海軍大将

    Breast star of Order of Merit of the German Eagle /Verdienstorden vom Deutschen Adler/ and 2nd class Order of the Auspicious Clouds. Passe-partout of Niimiyakwan Photo Studio. Shigetarō Shimada /嶋田 繁太郎/ (24 September 1883 – 7 June 1976) graduated from the 32nd class of the Imperial...
  13. General Toshinari Maeda/前田利為侯爵陸軍中将

    Marquis Toshinari Kōshaku Maeda (5 June 1885 – 5 September 1942) was born the fifth son of the former daimyō of Nanokaichi Domain in Kozuke province (modern Tomioka city, Gunma Prefecture), Maeda Toshiaki. He was adopted as heir to the main branch of the Maeda clan in 1900. He became marquis and...
  14. Badges of Independent Garrison Units in Photos

    Wounded cavailer of 7th class Golden Kite and member of the Imperial Reservist Association.
  15. Lieutenant General Kazuo Ōtani/大谷一男 陸軍中将

    Ōtani, Kazuo /大谷一男/ (December 7, 1879 - August 9, 1949) Ranks 1922-08-15 Colonel 1926-07-26 Major-General 1932-04-11 Lieutenant-General Service 1922-08-15 – 1925-02-04 Chief of Discipline Section, Military Academy 1925-02-04 – 1925-05-01 Commanding Officer 2nd...
  16. Japanese Officers and Civil Officials with British Awards

    Lieutenant General Kakuichi Yamamoto with The Most Distinguished Order of St. Michael and St. George. https://asiamedals.info/threads/lieutenant-general-kakuichi-yamamoto.22878/
  17. General Takashi Hishikari/菱刈隆 陸軍大将

    https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Takashi_Hishikari https://ja.wikipedia.org/wiki/%E8%8F%B1%E5%88%88%E9%9A%86 1933ю
  18. Marshal Nobuyoshi Mutō/武藤信義 元帥

    Gensui Baron Nobuyoshi Mutō /武藤 信義/ (15 July 1868 – 27 July 1933) was Commander of the Kwantung Army in 1933, Japanese ambassador to Manchukuo, and a field marshal in the Imperial Japanese Army. Mutō was born in an ex-samurai family from Saga Domain. After graduating from the Imperial Japanese...
  19. Japanese Officers with Imperial Germany Awards

    Uknown cavalier of the order of the Red Eagle.