japanese sculptor 日名子実三 jitsuzo hinago

  1. 1931-1934 Manchurian Incident Gift Plaquette from the Army Ministry/昭和六年乃至九年事変陸軍大臣賜ブロンズレリーフ

    Wood shield size 44 x 29.5 cm. Bronze relief size 32 x 21 cm. Details. 賜 - Gift 実三製作 - made by Jitsuzo Plaquette was designed by famous Japanese sculptor Jitsuzo Hinago/日名子実三 (24 October 1892 – 25 April 1945) https://ja.wikipedia.org/wiki/日名子実三 陸軍大臣 - Army Ministry...
  2. War Wounded Canes from the Minister of Army and Minister of Navy/陸軍大臣 海軍大臣 戦傷奉公杖

    Minister of Army Canes manufactured by Takatoriya workshop. Made in pure silver. 陸軍大臣 - Army Minister/Minister of War Numbered 一〇〇三二 - 10 032