japanese wound badge type 1938

  1. Photo album "Memories of the Holy War"/聖戦の思い出アルバム

    Wound badge type 1938 + 聖戦の思い出 - Memories of the Holy War. Unfortunately all the photos were taken out.
  2. Japanese Kōshu Wound Badge with Homemade Suspension

    Thrifty veteran's badge.
  3. Type 1938 Japanese Wound Badges

    Type 1938 badge was established in two types on August 3, 1938: Type A /Kōshu - 甲種軍人傷痍記章/ badge for battle wounds and Type B /Otsushu - 乙種軍人傷痍記章/ for non-combat wounds or illness. Wound badges of old types were to be exchanged for the new type 1938. Original line drawings of both types...