ордена николая i

  1. Order of St. Alexander Nevsky of Nicholas I of Russia

    Gold, enamel. Size 50 mm. Weight 37.59 g. Unmarked. Circa 1836. Most likely made by Keibel and Kammerer workshop /KK/. Photo courtesy of the colleague and friend from St. Petersburg. Cross has much higher quality than usual period cross. Reverse.
  2. Nicholas I’s Breast Stars of St. Vladimir Order combined with the Order of the Garter

    Made for Emperor Nicholas I somewhere around 1843 by Lakson /К.Лаксон; Карл-Андерс-Фредрик Лаксон; CL/ workshop in St.Petersburg. Breast star from the collection of Military Historical Museum of Artillery, Engineer and Signal Corp in St. Petersburg. Gold, silver, enamel. Size 80.2 x 70.7 mm...