order of the golden kite 7th class

  1. 7th class Golden Kite order awarded in 1895 to Naval Engine Engineer Seisaku Murai for the First Sino-Japanese War

    Golden Kite order of "triangle wing" variation. Golden Kite No.1459 awarded on 28.11.1895 to 海軍機関師 - Naval Engine Engineer 村井精作 - Seisaku Murai Original case. Order payment certificate.
  2. 7th class Golden Kite order awarded in 1906 to Army Infantry Superior Private Masuji Shintani for the Russo-Japanese War

    Useful time coordinate for this early variation of Golden Kite order. Awarded together with Rising Sun order on April 1, 1906 to 陸軍少兵上等兵 - Army Infantry Superior Private 新谷益治 - Shintani Masuji Russo-Japanese War Medal + Special Member's Japanese Red Cross Society Medal.