russo-japanese war award

  1. 16th Infantry Regiment 2nd Battalion Port Arthur Siege Commemorative Watch Fob/歩兵第十六連隊第二大隊旅順口攻囲軍記念之章

    Size 26 mm. Weight 6.5 g. Obverse 旅順口攻囲軍記念之章 - Port Arthur Siege Army Commemorative Badge/Medal reverse 歩兵第十六聯隊 - 16th Infantry Regiment 第弐大隊 - 2nd Battalion
  2. 5th class Golden Kite and 4th class Rising Sun orders awarded in 1906 to Army Infantry Major Nagoshi Gengorō for the Russo-Japanese War

    Awarded on April 1, 1906 to Army Infantry Major /陸軍歩兵少佐/ Gengoro Nagoshi /名越源五郎/. Document.
  3. 7th Class Golden Kite order awarded for the Russo-Japanese War to Army Infantry Superior Soldier Sangoro Suzuki

    "Triangle wing" variation. Awarded on April 1, 1906. Doc No.16 284. 陸軍歩兵上等兵 - Army Infantry Superior Soldier 鈴木三五郎 - Sangoro Suzuki