wounded soldier badge

  1. Commemorative Incense Burner of Japanese Disabled Veterans Association

  2. Kasuga City Branch of Wounded Persons Association Badge/傷痍者会春日市部章

    No. 18 Reverse 傷痍者会 - Wounded Persons Association 春日市部 - Kasuga City Branch of Wounded Association Marked 純銀 pure silver and has punched number 18. Impressive quality for such tiny (16 mm) badge.
  3. Sakai City Injury and Illness Bereaved Family Badge/堺市堺遺族傷病章

    Obverse 堺 - Sakai [City] 遺族 - Bereaved Family 傷病 - Injury and Illness
  4. Wife of the Wounded Soldier Badge from Sakai Branch of Association/大日本傷痍軍人會 妻章

    Obverse 妻 - wife + Emblem of Sakai city in Osaka prefecture.
  5. Wounded Soldier Badge from Nakajima Aircraft Company Ota Plant/中島飛行機太田製作所 傷痍軍人章

    See also https://asiamedals.info/threads/wounded-soldiers-patronage-badge-of-nakajima-aircraft-company-ota-plant.23366/ Photo courtesy of the owner. Obverse 傷痍 - Wound; Injury reverse 昭和十五年九月制定 - September 1940 傷痍軍人章 - Wounded Soldier Badge 中島飛行機太田製作所 - Nakajima Aircraft Company Ota...