1924 Keijo Imperial University Preparatory School Opening Commemorative Watch Fob/大正十三年京城帝國大学豫科開校記念章

Size 24.74 mm.
Weight 7.3 g.

京城帝國大学 開校記念章.jpg


開校記念 - Opening Commemorative


京城帝國大學豫科 - Keijo Imperial University Preparatory School

大正十三年 - 1924

Keijō Imperial University (京城帝國大學, Keijō Teikoku Daigaku, Korean: 경성제국대학), colloquially referred to as Jōdai (城大), was an Imperial University of Japan that existed between 1924 and 1946. This university was established in 1924 in Gyeongseong, known as Keijō during the period of Japanese occupation of Korea, now modern-day Seoul, South Korea. Keijō Imperial University was abolished by the United States Army Military Government in Korea (USAMGIK) in 1946, following the Japanese surrender to the Allies and the subsequent withdrawal of Japan from its occupation of Korea at the end of World War II. Keijō Imperial University was succeeded by the Seoul National University, which is today one of the flagship Korean national universities.​
Keijo Imperial University Preparatory School.

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