1st class Sacred Treasure order document issued in 1942 to Lieutenant-General Shihachi Katamura

Size 59.5 x 42 cm.

1st class Sacred Treasure order document issued in 1942.jpg

Issued on March 10, 1942 to Shihachi Katamura /片村四八/.

1st class Sacred Treasure order document issued in  1942.jpg

Sacred Treasure order document No. 316 551.

1st class Sacred Treasure order document  issued in 1942.jpg
Shihachi Katamura (November 16, 1888 - August 16, 1969) was born in Hiroshima Prefecture. He was born as Takehachiro Katamura's third son. In May 1911, he graduated from the Military Academy (23rd class), and in December of the same year, he was appointed second lieutenant and attached to the 41st Infantry Regiment. In November 1923, he graduated from the Army War College (35th class).

After serving as a company commander the 41st Infantry Regiment, attached to the General Staff Headquarters, a member of the General Staff, an instructor at the Army University, a battalion commander in the 73rd Infantry Regiment, and a member of the Army Transportation Department, in August 1931, he became a staff officer in the 12th Division. In February of the following year, he became the staff officer of the 24th Combined Brigade , and served as a member of the Kwantung Army's transportation department, and chief of staff of the 11th Division. In July 1938, he was promoted to the rank of major general and became the Field Inspector of Central China Anchoring.

In March 1940, he became commander of the 5th Infantry Brigade that was stationed in Manchuria. In August 1941, he was promoted to lieutenant general and promoted to commander of the 54th Division. He served in the battle of Burma. In September 1944, he was appointed commander of the 15th Army and worked to rebuild its military strength after the Imphal campaign. The 15th Army was then incorporated into the 18th Army and moved to Thailand, ending the war in Lampang. Demobilized in March 1946.​
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