1st Fleet 1909 Boat Race Award Badge/明治四十二年第一艦隊競漕會優勝章

1st Fleet 1907 Boat Race Award Badge 明治四十二年第一艦隊競漕會優勝章.jpg
1st Fleet 1907  Boat Race Award Badge 明治四十二年第一艦隊競漕會優勝章.jpg


優勝 - Overall Victory

reverse engraved

明治四十二年七月廿五日 - July 25, 1909

第一艦隊競漕會 - 1st Fleet Boat Race

1st Fleet 1907 Boat Race Award  Badge 明治四十二年第一艦隊競漕會優勝章.jpg

First established on 28 December 1903, the IJN 1st Fleet was created during the Russo-Japanese War when the Imperial General Headquarters divided the Readiness Fleet into a mobile strike force of cruisers and destroyers to pursue the Imperial Russian Navy's Vladivostok-based cruiser squadron (the Imperial Japanese Navy's 2nd Fleet), while the remaining bulk of the Japanese fleet (the IJN 1st Fleet) continued to blockade Port Arthur in hopes of luring the battleships of the Russian Pacific Fleet out into a classic line-of-battle confrontation. The two fleets were combined into the Combined Fleet for the final Battle of Tsushima. The decisive victory of the Japanese fleet over the Imperial Russian Navy at the Battle of Tsushima validated the doctrine of the "decisive victory", or kantai kessen as stipulated by naval theorists such as Alfred Thayer Mahan and Satō Tetsutarō in the eyes of the Imperial Japanese Navy General Staff, and future naval procurement and deployment was centered on refinements of this doctrine. The Mahanian objective was to build a fleet in being, a naval force kept deliberately in strategic reserve, as secondary forces based on cruisers and destroyers waged a campaign of attrition against an approaching enemy, who would then be destroyed in a climatic final battle similar to the Battle of Tsushima. As a result of this doctrine, although individual ships and task forces were dispatched on occasion for specific combat operations, the main force in the Imperial Japanese Navy was mostly held in reserve from the time of its inception until near the end of World War II.​
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    1909年第一艦隊競漕會優勝章 1st ijn fleet award badge japanese imperial navy award japanese imperial navy badge 優勝章 明治四十二年第一艦隊競漕會優勝章
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