2nd class Sacred Treasure order document issued in 1931 to Counselor of the Ministry of the Navy Masatsune Hotta

Awarded on October 31, 1931.
Sacred Treasure order No. 751 004.

2nd class Sacred  Treasure order document.jpg

Hand-signed by Emperor Hirohito.

2nd class Sacred Treasure order document.jpg

Masatsune Hotta (堀田正恒; October 21, 1887 - March 16, 1951) was a politician and nobleman He is a member of the House of Peers . He was born in Tokyo Prefecture as the second son of Viscount Naoju Nabeshima and was adopted as the son-in-law of Count Masamichi Hotta. Upon the death of his adoptive father, Masamichi, on January 31, 1911, he inherited his family estate and succeeded to the title of Earl. He graduated from the Department of Political Science at Tokyo Imperial University Law School in 1915.​


In July 1918, he was elected to the House of Peers as a member of the Count and held office until April 30, 1946. He also served as Counselor of the Ministry of the Navy, Parliamentary Vice-Minister of the Navy in the Inukai , Saito and Okada Cabinets, Chairman of the Dai Nihon Agricultural Association, Special Member of the Imperial Agricultural Association and Director of Yubari Railway.​
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