Badges of Red Swastika Society/世界红卍字會章

The Red Swastika Society/世界紅卍字會 was a voluntary association founded in China in 1922 by Qian Nengxun/錢能訓, Du Bingyin/杜秉寅 and Li Jiabai/李佳白. Together with the organisation's president Li JianChiu/李建秋, they set up their establishment of the federation in Beijing as the philanthropic branch of the Chinese salvationist religion Guiyidao/皈依道, the "Way of the Return to the One". Association ran poorhouses and soup kitchens, as well as modern hospitals and other relief works. It had an explicit internationalist focus, extending relief efforts to Tokyo after earthquakes and also in response to natural disasters in the Soviet Union. In addition, it had offices in Paris, London, and Tokyo and professors of Esperanto within its membership .Reports of its strength during the 1920s and 1930s seem to vary widely, with citations of 30 000 "members" in 1927 to 7–10 million "followers" in 1937.​

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The swastika (卍 wàn; "infinity", "all") in Chinese and other cultures is a symbol of the universe, or the manifestation and creativity of God. It was one of a number of new transnational world redemptive societies founded in early 20th-century China, drawing upon Western examples such as the Red Cross to build charitable institutions grounded in Asian traditional religions.​

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慈航卍同登 世界紅卍会 .jpg


同登卍慈航 - Ascend 卍 Way of Salvation


世界紅卍會 - Red Swastika Society

太原分會 - Taiyuan Branch

第四四號 - No. 44


世界婦女紅卍字會- Women's Red Swastika Society

棲霞分會 - Qīxiá Branch

第二十七號 - No. 217
濱江分会 - Bīnjiāng Branch.jpg
濱江分会 - Bīnjiāng Branch-.jpg


世界紅卍字會- Red Swastika Society

濱江分會 - Bīnjiāng Branch

第二三六號 - No.236
民國徽章 慈航同登 深縣紅十字會章-.jpg
民國徽章 慈航同登 深縣紅十字會章.jpg


世界紅卍會 - Red Swastika Society

深縣分 - Shen County Branch

第二十四號 - No.214
During the three-month battle of Shanghai in 1937, volunteers of the Red Swastika Society were a ubiquitous sight, present wherever their help was needed. At hospitals, nurses and doctors of the society did their utmost to alleviate the suffering caused by modern weapons, and in the city’s ports its volunteers were instrumental in helping civilians fleeing the mayhem. The following photos were made in Shanghai Red Swastika Hospital by american photographer Malcolm Rosholt.

Shanghai Red Swastika Hospital.jpg

Shanghai Red Swastika Hospital,.jpg

Shanghai Red Swastika Hospital-.jpg

Shanghai Red Swastika Hospital---.jpg
Shanghai Red Swastika Hospital..jpg

Shanghai Red Swastika Hospital...jpg

Shanghai Red Swastika Hospital.....jpg

Shanghai Red Swastika Hospital....jpg
Red Swastika Society Badge.jpg


萊蕪分會 - Laiwu /was a prefecture-level city in central Shandong Province/ Branch

世界紅卍字會- Red Swastika Society

第三四號 - No.34

Red Swastika  Society Badge.jpg
Red Swastika Society Southwest Conference Badge.jpg

Red Swastika  Society Southwest Conference Badge.jpg


同風卍道慈 - Universal Way of Benevolence


世界紅卍字會- Red Swastika Society

中華 - China

西南主會 - Southwest Conference /Southwest China is a rugged and mountainous region, transitioning between the Tibetan Plateau to the west and the Chinese coastal hills and plains to the east/.

奠基紀念章 - Groundbreaking/Laying Foundation Commemorative Badge

Stamped with number "125".
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