Chōsen Shimbun Badges and Watch Fobs/朝鮮新聞社章

"Gloria" watch fob.

Size 32 x 27 mm.

朝鮮総督府 朝鮮新聞社GLORIA メダル.jpg

朝鮮総督府朝鮮新聞社GLORIA メダル.jpg


朝鮮新聞社 - Chōsen shinbun-sha /Chosen (Korea) Newspaper/
Chōsen Shinbun /朝鮮新聞/ was created under the leadership of Kazuo Hagitani after the merger of Chōsen Shinpō and the Chōsen Times in 1908. The press became the most powerful Japanese-language newspaper in Incheon. The publisher moved its headquarters from Incheon to Keijō (today's Seoul) in 1919 with a management change to Kōzō Makiyama of the House of Representatives the following year. The newspaper was published twice daily, taking a position to represent private Japanese voices in the Korean peninsula. The Japanese colonial authorities suspended its publication several times after the Chōsen Shinbun became engaged in heated discussions with the Japanese colonial government's organ paper, the Keijō Nippō, or criticized the policies of the Governor-General of Korea. It operated branch bureaus throughout Korea as well as a few in China. The newspaper ceased to publish after the Governor-General consolidated Japanese-language newspapers into one in each province in 1942.​

First issue of Chōsen Shinbun was published on December 1, 1908.

1st issue.jpg
Chōsen Shimbun  Watch Fob.jpg
Chōsen  Shimbun  Watch Fob.jpg


朝鮮新聞社 - Chōsen Shinbun

Original case.

Chōsen Shimbun   Watch Fob.jpg

朝鮮美術品製作所造 - Made by Joseon Art Works.jpg

京城 -Keijō, or Gyeongseong (Korean: 경성), was an administrative district of Korea under Japanese rule that corresponds to the present Seoul, the capital of South Korea.

朝鮮美術品製作所造 - Made by Joseon Art Works


Yiwangjik Workshop was the predecessor of the Hanseong Art Workshop, established in 1908 by the Great Korean Empire for the purpose of producing traditional art works for the royal household. In 1911, a year after the Japanese Annexation of Korea, it was placed under the jurisdiction of the Government-General of Korea, changing its name to "Yiwangjik Art Workshop". It was located close to Gwanghwamun-dori, a flourishing area in Gyeongseong (Keijo, present-day Seoul). The workshop seems to had been producing a wide range of articles, from high-grade luxury products to low-prices goods. In 1922, the workshop turned itself into "Joseon Art Workshop, Ltd.", producing various goods such as "gold, silver and bronze vessels, lacquer ware with mother-of-pearl inlay decoration and Goryeo-style porcelain", although it is said that it was shut down around 1937 due to financial difficulties. /Source: Smoking Samurai /.​
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