Japan Postal Workers' Union Badge/全逓信従業員組合之章


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全逓信従業員 - Japan Postal Workers'

組合之章 - Union Badge

The Japan Postal Workers' Union /JPU/日本郵政公社労働組合/Zentei was a trade union representing workers at Japan Post.

The union was founded in 1946 and soon affiliated to the General Council of Trade Unions of Japan (Sōhyō). One of the first major unions founded in the country after World War II, it was also considered one of the most influential unions in the post-war period. By 1967, it had 245,302 members. In 1990, Sōhyō merged into the Japanese Trade Union Confederation, to which the JPU then affiliated.

On 1 October 2007, inspired by the planned privatisation of Japan Post, it merged with the All Japan Postal Labor Union, to form the Japan Postal Group Union.​
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