Major General Funabashi Yoshizo/陸軍少将 船橋芳蔵

Major General Funabashi Yoshizo awards:

2nd class Rising Sun order ;
3rd class Sacred Treasure order ;
4th class Golden Kite order ;
3rd class Order of the Striped Tiger .

Yoshizo Funabashi /船橋芳蔵, August-September 1868 -March 17, 1933) was born in Tottori Prefecture. In 1890 he graduated from the first class of the Military Academy. The following year he was commissioned as a Second Infantry Lieutenant in the Army. After serving in the Sino-Japanese War and the Russo-Japanese War he was appointed commander of the Otsu Regiment in March 1912 and commander of the 9th Infantry Regiment in November 1914. In July 1914 he was appointed as commander of the 14th Infantry Brigade (7th Division). When he was dispatched to Sagaren Province in conjunction with the Siberian expedition he was dispatched as a brigade commander. In July of the same year he was promoted to Army Major General. In March 1920 he was transferred to the reserve.​

Major General Funabashi Yoshizo.jpg

歩兵14旅団長 - Commanding Officer of 14th Infantry Brigade

陸軍少将船橋芳蔵 - Major General Funabashi Yoshizo

Excellent medal bar.
4th class Golden Kite, 4th class Rising Sun, Prussian order of the Red Eagle with swords, 3rd class Imperial Russian St.Anna with swords, Order of the Dragon of Annam and Order of the Italian Crown.

Major General  Funabashi Yoshizo.jpg
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