Manchukuo National Census Medal Ordinance

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Established on July 7, 1941 by Imperial Edict No.173.

Medal has circular shape with diameter 30 mm.
Medal will be manufactured in bronze and has bronze circular suspension ring.
Ribbon of the medal will be made in watered silk (color scheme: dark crimson stripe in the center with two crimson stripes on the sides).
Obverse shows map of the Manchukuo with Imperial Orchid Crest and National Diet building in Shinkyou /Changchun/.


Reverse bears incription

國勢調査記念章 - National Census Commemorative Medal
康徳七年十月一日 - 7th year of Kangde era 10th month 1st day = October 1, 1940

Medal will be awarded to those who

1) directly participated in the administration of the 1940 national census;
2) performed necessary duties in the administration of the 1940 national census.

Medal couldn't be awarded to those who

1) have been imprisoned;
2) have been fired from their government posts because of disciplinary reasons.

Medal should be worn only the recipient. After the death of the recipient, his descendants may keep the medal.

Medal could be awarded posthumously.

Manchukuo National Census Medal.jpg
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