Order of Saint Alexander Nevsky with Diamonds awarded in 1895 to Minister of Foreign Affairs of the French Republic Gabriel Hanotaux

Awarded on October 13, 1895 to Gabriel Hanotaux for his participation in the success of the Franco-Russian alliance.

Gold, silver, enamel, diamonds.

Ambassador Gabriel Hanotaux for his participation in the success of the Franco-Russian alliance.jpg
Albert Auguste Gabriel Hanotaux, known as Gabriel Hanotaux (19 November 1853 – 11 April 1944) was was born at Beaurevoir in the département of Aisne. He studied history at the École des Chartes, and became maître de conférence in the École des Hautes Études. His political career was that of a civil servant rather than a party politician. In 1879 he entered the ministry of foreign affairs as a secretary, and rose gradually through the diplomatic service.


In 1886, he was elected deputy for Aisne, but, defeated in 1889, he returned to his diplomatic career, and on 31 May 1894 accepted the offer of Charles Dupuy to be minister of foreign affairs. With one interruption (from 28 October 1895 to 29 April 1896, during the ministry of Leon Bourgeois) he held this portfolio until 14 June 1898. During his ministry he developed the rapprochement of France with Russia - visiting Saint Petersburg with the president, Félix Faure - and sought to delimit the French colonies in Africa through agreements with the British.​
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