Oyama Shrine Honorary Promotion Congratulatory Badge/尾山神社社格昇進慶賀祭章


尾山神社社格昇進慶賀祭 章.jpg

尾山神社 社格昇進慶賀祭 章.jpg

尾山神社 - Oyama Shrine

社格昇進慶賀祭章 - Honorary Promotion Congratulatory Badge

明治三十五年七月 - July 1902

尾山神社 社格昇進慶賀祭章.jpg

Oyama Shrine /尾山神社, Oyama-jinja/ was established in 1599, dedicated to Maeda Toshiie (the first lord of Kaga Domain), in Utatsu-yama (卯辰山), east of Kanazawa. It was moved to its present location in 1873 and renamed to Oyama-jinja. The main gate was constructed in 1875. This gate is a peculiar mix of traditional Japanese, Chinese, and European religious architectural elements. The gate is 25 metres (82 ft) high including the lightning rod. The third floor is particular famous for its Dutch stained-glass windows. It is said that the third floor was also used as a lighthouse. The gate was designated an Important Cultural Asset on August 29, 1950.

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