Seichō no Ie Regional Instructor Badge/生長の家地方講師徽章

生長の家 地方講師徽章.jpg


地講 for 地方講師 - Regional Lecturer


Marked 銀製 - pure silver

生長の家 - Seichō no Ie

Original case.

生長の家 - Seichō no Ie

地方講師徽章 - Regional Lecturer Badge

Seichō no Ie /生長の家, "House of Growth"/ is a syncretic, monotheistic, New Thought Japanese new religion that has spread since the end of World War II. It emphasizes gratitude for nature, the family, ancestors and, above all, religious faith in one universal God. Seichō no Ie is the world's largest New Thought group. By the end of 2010 it had over 1.6 million followers and 442 facilities, mostly located in Japan.


The mon of Seicho-no-ie.​
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