Shingon Daigo School Meeting Badge/真言宗醍醐派親和会章

Size 47 x 32 mm.



醍醐派 - Daigo School of 真言宗 - Shingon-shū "True Word / Mantra School" is one of the major schools of Buddhism in Japan and one of the few surviving Vajrayana lineages in East Asian Buddhism. It is sometimes also called Japanese Esoteric Buddhism, or Eastern Esotericism (Dōngmì, 東密). The word shingon is the Japanese reading of the Chinese word 真言 (zhēnyán), which is the translation of the Sanskrit word mantra.


親和會 - Shinwa-kai “gathering of friends/fellowship club” / = shin (closeness, friendlyness, intimacy); = wa (harmony, peace, calmness); “shin+wa” together form a composite word, meaning “friendship”; = kai (gathering, meeting, assembly)/.

Shinwa-kai could also by translated as "Goodfellas", i.e. a yakuza group.
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