Tangyin Medal/棠蔭章

Medal was established by Beiyang government on December 31, 1913 in two grades: Gold Tangyin Medal /金色棠荫章/ and Silver Tangyin Medal /銀色棠荫章/. Medals were awarded to Governors /hence the nickname of this medal "Governor's Medal"/"知事奖章" who (a) captured the gang leaders, murderers and thieves; (b) contributed to river protection and means of saving people; (c) encouraged relief donations or charity donations of an amount larger than 3 000 yuan; (d) was injured on the job or lost property worth more than 1000 yuan; (e) prepared appropriate relief funds for natural disasters.​

Gold Tangyin Medal.

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棠蔭章 - Tángyīn Medal

Legend says that Duke of Shao once visited the southern part of country and settled cases under the Tang tree. He never got tired of the stream of requests. Duke of Shao conduct became legendary and term Tángyīn became a household name for the righteous official. Literally Tángyīn could be translated as "In the Shade of the Tang Tree" /棠 - Táng - /+ /蔭 - yīn - shade of a tree/

/The Duke of Shao (Shao Gong 召公, died c. 1000 BCE), also called Earl of Shao (Shao Bo 召伯), personal name Ji Shi 姬奭, posthumous honorific title Duke Kang of Shao 召康公, was a brother of King Wu 周武王, the founder of the Zhou dynasty 周 (11th. cent.-221 BCE). He occupied the post of Grand Guardian (taibao 太保, see Three Dukes) during the reigns of King Cheng 周成王 and King Kang 周康王. The Duke of Shao is famous for his benevolent stance towards the people in the south he was entrusted to govern. The song Gantang 甘棠 "Sweet Táng-tree/Sweet pear-tree" in the Confucian Classics Shijing 詩經 is dedicated to his style of politics./​

政事堂印铸局製 - Manufactured by the Hall of Government Affairs /Zhengshitang/ Printing and Engraving Bureau


Original case.

金色棠荫章 - Golden Tangyin Medal

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