golden kite order document

  1. 5th class Golden Kite order document issued in 1915 to Majima Takamatsu for the Siege of Tsingtao

    Rare document from my personal collection. Document was issued on November 7, 1915 to 眞島孝松 - Majima Takamatsu /he was also awarded with a 5th class Rising Sun order/. Golden Kite order No. 113 405. The siege of Tsingtao /Belagerung von Tsingtau; 青島の戦い/ was the attack on the German port of...
  2. 6th class Golden Kite order awarded in 1940

    Awarded in April 29, 1940 (China Incident). Golden Kite No. 287 434. Most likely posthumously awarding (see for comparison Case has golden kanji...
  3. 5th class Golden Kite Document issued to Army Infantry Lieutenant Noriichi Gotō in 1905 for the Battle of Mukden

    Issued on March 9, 1905. 陸軍步兵中尉 - Army Infantry Lieutenant 後藤矩 - Noriichi Gotō Emperor Meiji signature.
  4. 7th class Golden Kite order posthumously awarded in 1937 to Army Infantry Corporal Sawawaki Kazuo

    Classical posthumous awarding made in the early stage of China Incident. Document dated by the day of death 澤脇一男 - Kazuo Sawawaki October 26, 1937. Kite No. 146 154. Payment documents. Army Ministry notification No. 39 regarding payment of 1,600 yen dated August 1, 1938...
  5. 4th class Golden Kite order awarded to Army Infantry Major Tsukine Osawa in 1906 for the Russo-Japanese War

    Awarded to Tsukine Osawa /大澤月峰/ on April 1, 1906. Late he will become a colonel and commander of 21st infantry regiment. Kite document No. 48140. Emperor Meiji signature. Watermark.
  6. 5th class Golden Kite and 6th class Rising Sun awarded to Army Infantry Lieutenant Kojiro Fuji in 1904 for the Battle of Nanshan

    Kite document No. 2554 awarded to Lieutenant Kojiro Fuji /藤幸次郎/ on May 26, 1904. Emperor Meiji signature.
  7. 7th Class Golden Kite order posthumously awarded in 1938 to Army Engineer Superior Private Takao Nakatani

    Posthumous group. Awarded on September 17, 1938 (date of death) to 中谷隆雄 - Takao Nakatani. Kite No. 199 041 ]
  8. 2nd class Order of Golden Kite awarded to General Hideki Tojo Awarded on April 29, 1940. To 東條英機 - Hideki Tojo