imperial japan military personnel photos

  1. Japanese Soldiers with Captured Enemy Flags

    "敵陣にて我軍が奪取した青天白日旗 - Blue sky white sun flag captured by our army in the enemy camp".
  2. Japanese Officers and Officials with Siam/Thai Awards

    Unidentified colonel of 4th Guards Regiment with 3rd class Order of the Crown and Order of Auspicious Clouds.
  3. Lieutenant General Hikosaburō Hata/秦彦三郎 陸軍中将

    Hata, Hikosaburō /秦彦三郎/ (October 1, 1890 - March 20 , 1959). Promotions 1936-03-07 Colonel 1939-03-09 Major-General 1941-10-15 Lieutenant-General Service 1932-12-XX – 1933-03-XX Attached to the General Staff 1933-03-XX – 1934-03-05 Chief of Soviet Branch, 4th...
  4. Lieutenant General Sadakoto Hisamatsu/久松定謨 陸軍中将

    Count Sadakoto Hisamatsu /Japanese: 久松定謨 October 6, 1867 - February 19, 1943/ was a Japanese army officer and the head of the Hisamatsu family. He served as the commander of the 1st Infantry Brigade and the 5th Infantry Brigade. French Legion of Honour, Imperial Russian 3rd class St.Anna for...
  5. Vice Admiral Seizō Sakonji/左近司政三 海軍中将

    Seizō Sakonji /左近司政三/ (27 June 1879 – 20 August 1969) was an was born in Yonezawa, Yamagata Prefecture, where his father had been a samurai in the service of the Yonezawa Domain. However, soon after his birth, the family relocated to Kanazawa, Ishikawa, and then to Osaka, where Sakonji was...
  6. Japanese Officers with Peruvian Awards

    Unknown major. Later he will become lieutenant colonel. He is wearing Order of the Sun of Peru /Orden El Sol del Perú/. Caballero /Knight/ grade. The Order was originally instituted on 8 October 1821 by General José de San Martín upon reaching Lima, to recognize those who had...
  7. Admiral Mineo Ōsumi/大角岑生 海軍大将

    Rare signed photo. Imperial Russian order of St. Anna with diamonds for Non-Christians, Italian Order of Saints Maurice and Lazarus, French Legion of Honor, British order of the Bath and Czechoslovakian War Cross 1918 inside medal bar.
  8. Family Photos of Japanese Officers, Soldiers and Sailors

    See also Warrant officer from 2nd Infantry Regiment with his daughter.
  9. Japanese Submariner Badge in Photos

  10. Marshal-Admiral Count Itō Sukeyuki/伊東祐亨海軍元帥

    Marshal-Admiral Count Itō Sukeyuki /伊東 祐亨, Itō Sukeyuki; also known as Itō Yūkō; 20 May 1843 – 16 January 1914/ was born in what is now part of Kagoshima City as the son of a samurai of the Satsuma Domain, Itō studied naval engineering and gunnery at the Kobe Naval Training Center together with...
  11. Lieutenant-General Hiroshi Nemoto/根本博 陸軍中将

    Lieutenant-General Nemoto, Hiroshi (6th of June 1891 - † 24th of May 1966) Promotions 1934-08-01 Colonel 1938-07-15 Major-General 00.08.32-05.03.34: Attached to the General Staff Service 1934-03-05 – 1936-03-07 Chief of Press Office, Ministry of War 1936-03-07 –...
  12. Photos with Japanese Commanding Officer's Badges

    Major-General Harukazu Tamika with Shoukan badge. Close-up.
  13. Japanese Officers and NCOs with Inner Mongolia National Foundation Merit Medal

    About the medal First Lieutenant.
  14. General Hayao Tada/多田駿 陸軍大将

    Hayao Tada /多田 駿/ (24 February 1882 – 16 December 1948) was the second son of a former samurai retainer of Sendai Domain from Sendai, and was adopted by his uncle. After attending military preparatory schools, he graduated from the 15th class of the Imperial Japanese Army Academy in 1903...
  15. Rear Admiral Shin Arakawa/荒川信 海軍少将

    His awards Rear Amiral Arakawa, Shin 1890. 2.12 born 1912. 7.17 P/MID Pay.Academy B-Course 1912.12.14 Crew, Kashima 1913.12. 1 P/SUBLT 1914. 3.20...
  16. Marshal Nobuyoshi Mutō/武藤信義 元帥

    Gensui Baron Nobuyoshi Mutō /武藤 信義/ (15 July 1868 – 27 July 1933) was Commander of the Kwantung Army in 1933, Japanese ambassador to Manchukuo, and a field marshal in the Imperial Japanese Army. Mutō was born in an ex-samurai family from Saga Domain. After graduating from the Imperial Japanese...