Japanese Officers with Peruvian Awards

Unknown major.

lieutenant colonel.jpg

Later he will become lieutenant colonel.

Japanese lieutenant colonel with Order of the Sun of Peru.jpeg

He is wearing Order of the Sun of Peru /Orden El Sol del Perú/.

Japanese lieutenant colonel with Order of  the Sun of Peru.jpg

Caballero /Knight/ grade.


The Order was originally instituted on 8 October 1821 by General José de San Martín upon reaching Lima, to recognize those who had distinguished themselves in the campaign against the Spanish Royalists. The three classes of appointment to the Order were, in descending order of precedence: Founder, Meritorious and Associate. It was discontinued four years later, after many grantees started to use the award as a nobility title, similar to the earlier Castile titles awarded by the colonial government. The Congress issued a law abolishing the Order of the Sun on May 9, 1825.

In 1921, the Order was re-established to commemorate the Centennial of Peruvian Independence. Caballero grade was added only on July 27, 1937.

Order of the Sun of Peru.jpg

Tsuneo   Matsudaira 松平 恒雄.jpg
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