japanese badges

  1. Badges and medals manufactured by the S.Tanase Medal Works/棚瀬徽章製作所

    Nagoya-based workshop. https://asiamedals.info/threads/citizens-gratitude-badge-from-nagoya-shimbun.24127/
  2. Pearl Pin of Imperial Marine Rescue Association/帝国水難救済会救命艇ピン製作部

    Case. Inside 帝國 - Imperial 水難救済會 - Marine Rescue Association 製作部 - Production Department
  3. Shizuoka Prefecture Branch of Women's Patriotic Association Badge/静岡県支部 愛國婦人会章

    1st variation. Reverse 愛國婦人會 - Women's Patriotic Association 静岡縣支部 - Shizuoka Prefecture Branch
  4. Badges made by Mikado Medal Works/ミカド徽章製作所

    Several variants of labels are known. Stamp. Workshop advertisment from July 1923.
  5. Green Leaf Special Membership Badges of Saiseikai/恩寵財団済生会 緑葉特別会員章

    Badges made by Tokuriki Honten Co., Ltd. Reverse 恩賜財團 濟生會 - Imperial Gift Foundation Saiseikai /Saiseikai = Social Welfare Organization/ 緑葉特別會員章 - Green Leaf Special Membership Badge marked 德力 - Tokuriki Original case. 德力本店謹製 - made by Tokuriki Honten Co.,Ltd. See...
  6. History and Badges of Saiseikai Imperial Gift Foundation

    On February 11, 1911, Emperor Meiji summoned then-Prime Minister Taro Katsura and graciously donated 1.5 million yen together with an Imperial Rescript commanding the establishment of a foundation to minister to the medical needs of the poor. Saving Lives – The Founding Spirit of “Saisei”...
  7. Sakai City Injury and Illness Bereaved Family Badge/堺市堺遺族傷病章

    Obverse 堺 - Sakai [City] 遺族 - Bereaved Family 傷病 - Injury and Illness
  8. Shizuoka Shoushan Association Membership Badge/静岡首山堡會員章

    Size 31x45 mm. Obverse 静岡首山堡會員章 - Shizuoka Shoushan Association Membership Badge Shoushan in the city's neighborhood was a place of the bloody battle of the Russo-Japanese War (Battle of Liaoyang). 首山堡 - Shoushan is a place in the Liaoyang's neighborhood was a place of the bloody battle of...
  9. Award Badge from Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force Officer Training School/海上自衛隊幹部候補生学校賞章

    Obverse 賞 - Award reverse 海上自衛隊 Maritime Self-Defense Force 幹部候補生学校 - Executive Candidate School/Officer Training School https://ja.wikipedia.org/wiki/%E5%B9%B9%E9%83%A8%E5%80%99%E8%A3%9C%E7%94%9F%E5%AD%A6%E6%A0%A1 According to the case badge was manufactured by 呉キシヨウ堂 - Kishou-dō...
  10. Merit Badge from Yoshii Town/吉井町功労章

    Another local award made after Rising Sun order. Reverse 功労章 - Merit Badge 吉井町 - Yoshii town, Gunma Prefecture Suspension bears emblem of Yoshii town https://ja.wikipedia.org/wiki/吉井町_(群馬県) Ribbon. Original case. 功労章吉井町 - Merit Badge Yoshii Town
  11. Wakayama Dispatch Unit Supporters' Association Badge/名古屋市若山出動部隊後援会章

    19 mm. 名古屋市 - Nagoya City 若山出動部隊 - Wakayama Dispatch Unit 後援會 - Supporters' Association
  12. Long-service Award Watch Fob from Fukuoka Prefecture Branch of Imperial Marine Rescue Association/帝国水難救済会福岡支 十五年勤績表彰章

    Watch fob from pre-war time period. Obverse 表彰 - Award reverse 十五年 - 15 years 勤績 - Attendance 帝國水難救済會福岡支部 - Imperial Marine Rescue Association Fukuoka Prefecture Branch Marked 純銀 - pure silver.
  13. Staff Excellence Award from Fukuoka Prefecture Branch of Japan Marine Rescue Association/日本水難救済会福岡県支部 優良職員表彰章

    Badge from 1949+ time period. Obverse 表彰 - Award; Commendation Reverse 優良職員表彰 - Staff Excellence Award. 日本水難救済会福岡県支部 - Fukuoka Prefecture Branch of Japan Marine Rescue Association.
  14. Honorary Member Badges of Marine Rescue Association/帝国水難救済会 名誉会員章

    Imperial period badges (1889-1949). Imperial Marine Rescue Association (a.k.a. Imperial Sea Disaster Rescue Association) was founded on November 3, 1889 in Shikoku. In April of 1890 the organization’s ties with the Imperial family were strengthened when Prince Takehito Arisugawa became honorary...
  15. Badges manufactured by Iwasaki Medals Store/岩崎徽章店

    Only two variants of workshop stamps are known today.
  16. Imperial Gift Foundation Imperial Soldier’s Relief Association Badges ("Two Crossed Shields" Badges)/恩賜財團 軍人援護會章

    Association was founded by Imperial Rescript on October 3, 1938 (its predecessor - Imperial Soldiers' Relief Association https://asiamedals.info/threads/imperial-soldiers-relief-association-history-and-badge-index.25295/) The Emperor donated 300 million yen to the association, hence its...
  17. 1934 Army Large Special Maneuvers Tochigi Prefecture Administrative Committee Member Badge/陸軍特別大演習 栃木縣事務委員徽章

    Obverse 栃 from 栃木縣 - Tochigi Prefecture reverse 昭和九年 - 1934 陸軍特別大演習 - Army Large Special Maneuvers 事務委員徽章 - Administrative Committee Member Badge 栃木縣 - Tochigi Prefecture Original case. Badge was made Asahi Industry Co., Ltd...
  18. Badges and Watch Fobs made by Asahi Industry Co., Ltd./旭工業商會

    Two variants of workshop labels are known for today.
  19. Greater Japan National Defense Youth Association Torpedo Boats Contribution Badges/大日本護国防年会会員章 雷艇貢献章 保護団章

    Interesting badges from early 1900s. 1st variation. Obverse 水雷艇貢献 - Torpedo Boats Contribution/Donation reverse 大日本 - Dainippon /Greater Japan/ 護國防年會 - National Defense Youth Association 會員章 - Membership Badge
  20. Regular Member Badges of Marine Rescue Association/帝国水難救済会 正会員章

    Imperial period badges (1889-1949). This type was introduced around early 1930s. Its predecessors https://asiamedals.info/threads/early-membership-badges-of-imperial-marine-rescue-association.23669/ Early badges (metal and hot enamel). Size (approximately) 30 x 39 mm. Reverse 正會員...