japanese imperial army badge

  1. 1920 Osaka Artillery Arsenal Continues Service Badge/大正九年大阪砲兵工廠勤続章

    Size 26 mm. Thickness 3 mm. Weight 9.7 g. Obverse was designed by a famous medal artist I. Sato. Reverse 大正九年 - 1920 勤続章 - Continues Service Badge 大阪砲兵工廠 - Osaka Artillery Arsenal Original case. 勤続章 - Continues Service Badge 大阪砲兵工廠 - Osaka Artillery Arsenal
  2. 1917 Army Large Maneuvers Commemorative Watch Fob/1917年陸軍大演習記念章

    Specimen from the collection of Raymond LaBar. Photos courtesy of the owner. Obverse 陸軍大演習記念 - Army Large Maneuvers Commemorative Badge 大正六年上秋 - Early Autumn of 1917 Reverse marked with unreadable mark.
  3. Aomori City Nishi Branch of Imperial Military Reservist Association Badge/帝国在郷軍人會青森市西分會章

    Obverse 青森市 - Aomori City 西分會 - Nishi Branch of Association
  4. Independent Garrison Unit "2I.s" Watch Fob/独立守備隊"2I.s"章

    Specimen from the collection of Raymond LaBar. Photos courtesy of the owner. Reverse "2I.s" probably for 2nd Independent Squad.
  5. Manchuria Independent Garrison Service During the Time of Upheaval Watch Fob/満州大荒構獨立守備隊章

    Watch fobs of similar design but with different inscriptions on reverse https://asiamedals.info/threads/independent-garrison-enlistment-commemorative-watch-fob.24321/ ; https://asiamedals.info/threads/manchurian-expedition-commemorative-watch-fob.24322/ Specimen from the collection of Raymond...
  6. 1915 Taisho Emperor Enthronement Army Ceremonial Unit Commemorative Watch Fob/大正四年十一月二十八日御大禮軍儀伐隊記念章

    Reverse 御大禮- Emperor Enthronement 軍儀伐隊記念 - Army Ceremonial Unit Commemorative 大正四年十一月二十八日 - November 28, 1915 Original case. 記念 - Commemorative
  7. 1938 Japanese Imperial Army Grand Parade Participation Commemorative Badge/1938年戦捷事変下輝く陸軍始大観兵式参加記念章

    Size 36.8 х 26.6 mm. Thickness 2.64 mm. Reverse 戦捷 - Winning a War 事変下輝く陸軍始大観兵式 - Army Grand Parade Ceremony Shines Amidst the Incident 参加記念章 - Participation Commemorative Badge 昭和十三年一月八日 - January 8, 1938
  8. Imperial Military Reservist Association Sincerity Badge/帝国在郷軍人会至誠章

    Obverse 至誠 - Sincerity
  9. Army War College Graduation Badge in Photos

    Unknown colonel. Close-up.
  10. Army Aviation Badge/陸軍航空章

    Anonymous and unidentified as for today. Unmarked variation. Private collection. Photos courtesy of the owner.
  11. 1930 Korean Army Divisional Special Large Maneuvers Participation Badges/昭和十年度朝鮮軍師團特別大演習参加章

    Obverse 皇軍 - Imperial Army reverse 朝鮮軍師團 - Korean Army Divisional 特別大演習 - Special Large Maneuvers 参加章 - Participation Badge 昭和十年度 - 1935 Stamped and engraved 野砲二五 - 25th Field Artillery [Regiment]
  12. Kasai County Branch of Imperial Military Reservist Association Award Badge/帝國在郷軍人會加西郡區聨合分會表彰章

    Size 38 x 28 mm. Reverse 表彰 - Award; Commendation 帝國在郷軍人會- Imperial Military Reservist Association 加西郡區聨合分會 - Kasai County Branch of Association Marked 純 for 純銀 - pure silver.
  13. Japanese Tank and Armored Car Driver Soldier's Badges/戰車装甲車操縦兵徽章

    Soldier's Badges of 1st class. Early badge in metal.
  14. Japanese Imperial Army Engineer (Sapper) Units Badges and Watch Fobs/陸軍工兵部隊章

    1st Engineer Battalion watch fobs. Silvered version. Obverse 優秀 - Excellence reverse 工兵第一大隊 - 1st Engineer Battalion Emblem
  15. Army War College Graduation Badge of Lieutenant-General Mamoru Iinuma

    Badge was made by Hattori workshop https://asiamedals.info/threads/army-war-college-graduation-badges-made-by-hattori-co-tokyo.23341/
  16. Army War College Graduation Badge of General Yoshikazu Nishi

    See https://asiamedals.info/threads/aide-de-camp-badge-of-general-yoshikazu-nishi.27116/ Pin is an obvious replacement.
  17. 1907 Army Special Large Maneuvers Participation Commemorative Watch Fob/1907年特別大演習記念章

    Size 25 mm. Obverse 特別大演習記念章 - Special Large Maneuvers Commemorative Badge reverse 明治四拾年拾一月 - January 1907 参加師團 - Participated Divisions 近衛師團 - Imperial Guard Divisions 第一師團 - 1st Division 第三師團 - 3rd Division 第十五師團 - 15th Division
  18. Army Aviation Maintenance School 24th Class Graduation Commemorative Watch Fob/第二十四回機関學生陸軍航空整備學校卒業記念章

    Private collection. Photos courtesy of the owner. Obverse 関機 - Engine reverse 陸軍航空整備學校 - Army Aviation Maintenance School 第二十四回機関學生 - 24th Class of Engine [Maintenance] Student 卒業記念 - Graduation Commemorative Engraved 但馬美代人 - Miyo Tajima
  19. Japanese Pilot Badge of Army Flight School 1st Class Graduate Kashide

    Non-commissioned officer's pilot badge in silver. Size 50 x 37 mm. Weight 37 g. Reverse engraved 第一期 - 1st class 樫出 - Kashide Marked 純銀 - pure silver. Original case. 下士官操縦徽章 - Non-commissioned Officer's Pilot Badge
  20. 14th Division 1930 Equestrian Tournament Award Watch Fob/昭和五年二月第十四師團馬術大會賞章

    Obverse 賞 - Award reverse 昭和五年二月 - February 1930 第十四師團 - 14th Division 馬術大會 - Equestrian Tournament/Competition Original case.