japanese officer photo

  1. Japanese Officers of the 4th Guards Infantry Regiment

    Unidentified Colonel.
  2. Lieutenant General Nobutaro Umezaki/梅崎延太郎陸軍中将

    Rare combination of awards. Two Korean orders with Chinese Striped Tiger in between + Swedish Royal Order of the Sword. Nobutaro Umezaki /梅崎延太郎/ (July 13, 1880 - April 24, 1964) graduated from the 12th class of the Military Academy and the 22nd class of the Army War College. Ranks...
  3. Lieutenant-General Saburo Endo/遠藤三郎 陸軍中将

    Saburō Endō /January 2, 1893; October 11, 1984/. Promotions 1937-08-02 Colonel 1939-08-01 Major-General 1942-12-01 Lieutenant-General Service 1932-08-08 – 1934-08-01 Chief of Manoeuvres Section, Kwantung Army 1934-08-01 – 1936-08-01 Instructor at the War College...
  4. Japanese Soldiers and Officers with Red Cross Armband

  5. Japanese Officers of the 7th Guards Infantry Regiment

  6. Lieutenant-General Hisakazu Tanaka/田中久一 陸軍中将

    Hisakazu Tanaka /田中 久一, Tanaka Hisakazu, 16 March 1889 – 27 March 1947/ was a lieutenant general in the Imperial Japanese Army, and governor of Japanese-occupied Hong Kong in World War II. Promotions 1934-03-05 Colonel 1937-12-28 Major-General 1940-08-01 Lieutenant-general Service...
  7. General Korechika Anami/阿南惟幾 陸軍大将

    Korechika Anami /阿南 惟幾, Anami Korechika, 21 February 1887 – 15 August 1945/ was born in Taketa city in Ōita Prefecture, where his father was a senior bureaucrat in the Home Ministry and grew up in Tokyo and in Tokushima Prefecture. He attended the 18th class of the Imperial Japanese Army Academy...
  8. Ministry of the Imperial Household Badges in Photos

  9. Japanese Officers and Civil Officials with Protectorate of Annam Awards

    Setsuo Nakase /中瀨拙夫/ (June 10, 1884 – March 19, 1969) member of the House of Representatives and government official of Taiwan /Formosa/ wearing Imperial Order of the Dragon of Annam.
  10. Lieutenant General Saburo Inagaki/稲垣三郎 陸軍中将

    Saburo Inagaki /稲垣三郎/ (May 6 , 1870 - April 28 , 1953) was born in Shimane Prefecture as the eldest son of Ryosai Inagaki. After graduating from the army school, he was assigned to the 1st cavalry battalion led by Yoshifuru Akiyama and served in the Sino-Japanese War . In 1899 he graduated with...
  11. Vice Admiral Seizō Sakonji/左近司政三 海軍中将

    Seizō Sakonji /左近司政三/ (27 June 1879 – 20 August 1969) was an was born in Yonezawa, Yamagata Prefecture, where his father had been a samurai in the service of the Yonezawa Domain. However, soon after his birth, the family relocated to Kanazawa, Ishikawa, and then to Osaka, where Sakonji was...
  12. General Hongo Fusataro/本郷房太郎 陸軍大将

    Hongo Fusataro (February 15, 1860 - March 20, 1931) fought at Chinchow, Teilishih and Liiao-yuan in the Russo-Japanese War in 1904-05. During this time he was promoted to major general (1905) and to lieutenant general (1912). Hongo Fusataro was also War Vice-Minister and Commander-in-Chief of...
  13. Photos with Japanese Army Sun Helmets

    Rare group photo. It seems they are wearing Type 1930 army sun helmet. Details.
  14. Family Photos of Japanese Officers, Soldiers and Sailors

    See also https://asiamedals.info/threads/family-photos-of-japanese-officials.27932/ Warrant officer from 2nd Infantry Regiment with his daughter.
  15. Army Surgeon Inspector General Ishiguro Tadanori/石黒 忠悳

    Ishiguro Tadanori /石黒 忠悳/ (March 18, 1845 - April 26, 1941) was born in Fukushima in 1845. He studied at a medical school in Edo, worked for the medical branch of the Hyobusho (Ministry of Military Affairs), and worked hard to set up a modern medical system for the Japanese military. He became...
  16. Japanese Officers and Officials with Imperial Russian Awards

    Kenkichi Yoshizawa with 2nd class St. Stanislaus order for non-christians. https://asiamedals.info/threads/awards-of-46th-foreign-minister-of-japan-kenkichi-yoshizawa.23143/
  17. Admiral Suetsugu Nobumasa/末次信正 海軍大将

    Nobumasa Suetsugu /末次 信正/ (30 June 1880 – 29 December 1944) was born in Yamaguchi Prefecture as the younger son of a former samurai in the service of Tokuyama Domain. He graduated from the 27th class of the Imperial Japanese Naval Academy, ranked 50th out of 114 cadets. He served as a junior...
  18. Admiral Shigetarō Shimada/嶋田繁太郎海軍大将

    Breast star of Order of Merit of the German Eagle /Verdienstorden vom Deutschen Adler/ and 2nd class Order of the Auspicious Clouds. Passe-partout of Niimiyakwan Photo Studio. Shigetarō Shimada /嶋田 繁太郎/ (24 September 1883 – 7 June 1976) graduated from the 32nd class of the Imperial...
  19. General Toshinari Maeda/前田利為侯爵陸軍中将

    Marquis Toshinari Kōshaku Maeda (5 June 1885 – 5 September 1942) was born the fifth son of the former daimyō of Nanokaichi Domain in Kozuke province (modern Tomioka city, Gunma Prefecture), Maeda Toshiaki. He was adopted as heir to the main branch of the Maeda clan in 1900. He became marquis and...
  20. Soldiers and Officers of Japanese Independent Garrison Units in Photos

    Independent garrison battalions collar insignia. Actual collar emblem.