1. Hailar Kenpeitai Squad Nomonhan Incident Dispatch Commemorative Watch Fob/海拉爾憲兵分隊ノモンハン事件出動記念章
  2. Kojimachi Kenpeitai Shinbokukai Watch Fob/麹町憲兵分隊 麹町(九段)憲兵親睦会章

    Post-war watch fob. Obverse Five virtues of a soldier. Loyalty. The soldier should consider loyalty his essential duty. "Remember that the protection of the state and the maintenance of its power depend upon the strength of its arms. ... Bear in mind that duty is weightier than a mountain...
  3. Kenpeitai in Photos/憲兵隊写真

    These chaps are easily identifiable by armbands 憲兵 - Military Police.