Kojimachi Kenpeitai Shinbokukai Watch Fob/麹町憲兵分隊 麹町(九段)憲兵親睦会章

Post-war watch fob.

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Kenpeitai  Shinbokukai Watch Fob.jpg


Five virtues of a soldier.

Loyalty. The soldier should consider loyalty his essential duty. "Remember that the protection of the state and the maintenance of its power depend upon the strength of
its arms. ... Bear in mind that duty is weightier than a mountain, while death is lighter than a feather."

Courtesy. The soldier should be strict in observing propriety. 'Inferiors should regard the orders of their superiors as issuing directly from Us [i.e. the Emperor]."

Courage. The soldier should esteem valor. "Never despise an inferior enemy, or fear a superior, but do one's duty as a soldier or sailor--that is true valor."

Truthfulness. The soldier should highly value faithfulness and righteousness. "Faithfulness implies the keeping of one's word, and righteousness the fulfillment of one's

Frugality. The soldier should make simplicity his aim. "If you do not make simplicity your aim, you will become effeminate or frivolous and acquire fondness for luxurious
and extravagant ways."


麹町憲兵分隊 - Kojimachi Kenpeitai Squad

Kōjimachi /麹町 or 麴町/ is a district in Chiyoda, Tokyo.

2602・4・23 - April 23, 1942 (most likely squad formation date)


"Silver F" for fine silver.

Original case.

麹町 (九段)憲兵親睦会 - Kojimachi (9th Section) Kenpeitai Shinbokukai

Shinbokukai /親睦会/ -Informal Social Gathering; Social Gathering Club

Kenpeitai Shinbokukai  Watch Fob.jpg
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