merit badge

  1. Dainippon Air Defense Association Yamanashi Prefecture Branch Merit Badge/大日本防空協会山梨縣支部鰍澤部会功勞章

    Obverse 功勞 - Merit reverse 大日本防空協會 - Dainippon Air Defense Association 山梨縣支部 - Yamanashi Prefecture Branch 鰍澤部會 - Kajikazawa Town Branch of Association Interesting that 部 is actually stamped over different kanji. Case with label of Naigai Medal Co.
  2. Badges of Japan Pharmaceutical Association/日本薬剤師会章

    Obverse JPA = Japan Pharmaceutical Association Reverse 功労章 - Merit Badge 日本薬剤師会 - Japan Pharmaceutical Association Original case. Badge was made by Chugai workshop...
  3. Merit Badge of Greater Japanese Empire Wounded Soldiers Association/大日本傷痍軍人會 功勞章

    Reverse horizontally 大日本傷痍軍人會 - Greater Japanese Empire Wounded Soldiers Association vertically 功勞章 - Merit Badge Original case. All known badges were made by Minami workshop. 南謹製 - made by Minami
  4. Takikawa City Merit Badge/滝川市功労章

    1st variation "small punches" Reverse 滝川市 - Takikawa City 功労章 - Merit Badge + Mark pure silver. Suspension. 功 - Merit 第62号 = No .62 Original case.
  5. Uji City Merit Badge/宇治町功勞章

    Reverse 功勞章 - Merit Badge Riginal case 功勞章 - Merit Badge 宇治町 - Uji City
  6. Tomisuhara Town Merit Badge/富洲原町功勞章

    Obverse 功勞 - Merit reverse 富洲原町 - Tomisuhara Town 功勞章 - Merit Badge Made in pure silver/純銀.
  7. Aomori Prefectural Agricultural Association Merit Badge/青森県農会 彰功章

    Obverse 彰功 - merit revers 青森縣農會 - Aomori Prefectural Agricultural Association 贈三浦重吉君 - Gift to Mr. Miura Jūkichi (name ingraved) Badge could be made in unmarked gold. Case.
  8. Manchukuo Police Merit Badge/滿洲帝國警察功章

    Only 功 - merit on obverse.
  9. Inner Mongolia Physical Education Association Merit Badges/蒙古体育會功勞章

    1st class merit badge. Silver, gilt, enamel. Obverse Stylized beyond recognition kanji 功 - merit reverse 蒙古体育會 - Mongolia Physical Education Association 一第功勞章 - 1st Class Merit Badge 第一號 - No.1
  10. Aichi Prefecture National Defense Association Badges/愛知県国防義会章

    Reverse 愛知県国防義會 - Aichi Prefecture National Defense Association Original pocket. 正員會章 - Regular Member Badge.
  11. Merit Badges from Kyoto Branch of Imperial Military Reservist Association/帝国在郷軍人會 京都支部 功労章

    1st variation. Transparent enamel. Badge is silvered. Reverse 京都支部 - Kyoto Branch 功勞章 - merit badge Original case. Another example with damaged pin. Another cased example.
  12. Merit Badge from Nakatsu Town Branch of Imperial Military Reservist Association/帝国在郷軍人會 中津町分會 功勞章

    Obverse 功勞 - merit Reverse 中津町分會 - Nakatsu Town Branch of Association
  13. Merit Badge from Kaibaracho Town Branch of Imperial Military Reservist Association/柏原町帝国在郷軍人分會功勞章

    Obverse 功勞章 - Merit Badge 柏原町帝国在郷軍人分會 - Kaibaracho Town Branch of Imperial Military Reservist Association
  14. Kokura City Merit Badge/小倉市功勞章

    Obverse Kokura city emblemКокура + 功勞 - Merit Reverse 小倉市 - Kokura City 功勞章 - Merit Badge
  15. Fukagawa City Merit Badge/深川市 功労章

    Reverse 深川市 - Fukagawa City 功労章 - Merit Badge Made in pure silver. Miniature. 功 - Merit Case and ribbon.
  16. Merit Badge from Governor of Ehime Prefecture/愛援縣知事 有功章

    Obverse 功 - Merit 愛援縣 - Ehime Prefecture reverse 有功章 - Merit Badge 愛援縣知事 - Governor of Ehime Prefecture 久松定武 - Sadatake Hisamatsu
  17. Merit Medals from Korean Residents Union in Japan/Mindan/在日本大韓民国居留民団有功章

    Mindan (Korean: 민단, Hanja: 民團), or the Korean Residents Union in Japan (Korean: 재일본대한민국민단, Japanese: 在日本大韓民国民団), is one of two main organizations for Koreans living in Japan, the other being Chongryon. Mindan has ties to South Korea and was established in 1946 in Tokyo, Japan. Currently, among...
  18. Merit Badges of Imperial Military Reservist Association/帝国在郷軍人會有功章

    1st type badge. Badge of first type was introduced in 1925. Original line drawings and description.
  19. Chiba Prefecture Welfare Council Merit Badge/千葉県福祉協議会 功労章

    Obverse 功 - Meirt reverse 功労章 - Merit Badge + mark 純銀 - pure silver
  20. Mukden City Merit Badges/奉天市功勞章

    Obverse Mukden City emblem 功勞章 - Merit Badge reverse 奉天市 - Mukden City /currently known as Shenyang (formerly known as Fengtian or by its Manchu name, Mukden) is a major Chinese sub-provincial city and the provincial capital of Liaoning province, in north-central Liaoning/ + punched...