order of golden kite

  1. 7th class Order of Golden Kite posthumously awarded in 1938 to Army Infantry Superior Private Hirota Hisashi

    Full set with lifetime annual payment certificate. Classical Mint-made Golden Kite order. Case with golden kanjis. Original case. Order of Golden Kite document No. 178 338 issued on May 10, 1938 (date of death in a combat) to 陸軍步兵上等兵 - Army Infantry Superior Private 廣田久 - Hirota...
  2. Merit Medals for Veterans of Japanese Army Units in the form of the Order of the Golden Kite /Veterans Golden Kites/

    17th Heavy Artillery Regiment Merit Medal. Reverse 勲功章- Merit/Distinguished Services Badge/Medal 野戦重砲第十七聯隊- 17th Heavy Artillery Regiment Original case. 勲功章- Merit Medal
  3. 5th class Order of Golden Kite awarded in 1906 to Army Second Lieutenant Yoshimi Masan for the Russo-Japanese War

    Order is still in excellent condition for the lifetime award. Awarded on April 1, 1905 to Army Second Lieutenant Yoshimi Masan /吉見馬三/.
  4. 7th class Order of Golden Kite and 8th class Order of Rising Sun awarded in 1904 to Superior Private for the Battle of Liaoyang

    Photos courtesy of the owner. Awarded on August 31, 1904 to Army Infantry Superior Private /陸軍歩兵等兵上等兵/ Mukōda Bun'nosuke /向田文之助/. Kite No. 9772. 8th class Rising Sun (awarded on the same day with the Kite).
  5. 4th class Order of Golden Kite awarded in 1942 to Army Captain

    Awarded on January 17, 1942. Payment document. Document for the KIA badge for his next of kin issued March 10, 1944.
  6. European-made Orders of Golden Kite

    Interesting privately purchased specimen. Gilded silver, enamel. Size 42 mm x 46 mm (h - inclusive of its ball suspension). Hollmarked on the reverse with a stylized V denoting a Netherlands tax paid mark for imported silvermark from 1908-1953 time period. '
  7. 5th class Golden Kite order awarded for the Siege of Port Arthur

    Rare early Russo-Japanese War awarding with rare type of Kite. It is known that the same variation was issued in 1905 for the Battle of Tsushima. Judging by the condition of the badge this could be a posthumous award. Issued on November 28, 1904. 5 722 Kite that was issued since the...
  8. Imperial Russian Journal "Russian Pilgrim" on Order of Golden Kite in 1915

    Journal "Russian Pilgrim"/Журнал "Русскiй Паломникъ". Section "War". Military award of allied countries. It looks like 3rd class badge was used in this photo. Described as Japanese Order of the Golden Kite "For Valor" /Японский орден золотого коршуна "За доблесть"/.
  9. Repaired Orders of the Golden Kite

    Unusual approach to ring refitting. Ribbon (looks like the ribbon pin was also repaired). Case.
  10. Captured Kites: Allied Soldiers "Bringbacks"

    See also https://asiamedals.info/threads/captured-rising-suns-allied-soldiers-bringbacks.26382/ Golden Kite breast star. 4th class Golden Kite. 5th Sun. 5th Cloud. "Entitled to retain in his possession". A "gift" from Mr. Eiji Shima/島英二 This chap was 戦連絡名古屋事務局長. Oh, ain't...
  11. "May Wear Both Classes of Order of Golden Kite Simultaneously": Two Kites on One Man Chest

    "Those who have received the Order of the Golden Kite, and again received a higher grade, may wear both" Imperial Edict No. 726 of June 28, 1941 “Those who have received the Order of the Golden Kite, and again received the same grade, shall wear both” Imperial Edict No. 657 of September 26...