5th class Golden Kite order awarded for the Siege of Port Arthur

Rare early Russo-Japanese War awarding with rare type of Kite.
It is known that the same variation was issued in 1905 for the Battle of Tsushima.

Judging by the condition of the badge this could be a posthumous award.

Golden Kite Order for Russo-Japanese War.jpg

Issued on November 28, 1904.
5 722 Kite that was issued since the establishment of the order.

Golden Kite Order for Russo- Japanese War.jpg

Emperor Meiji singnature.

Golden Kite Order for Russo- Japanese  War.jpg

At 08:30 on November 28, with massive artillery support, Japanese troops again attempted an assault up the sides of both Akasakayama and 203 Meter Hill. Over a thousand 500 lb (230 kg) shells from the 11-inch (280 mm) howitzers were fired in a single day to support this attack. The Japanese reached as far as the Russian line of barbed wire entanglements by daybreak and held their ground throughout the following day, November 29, while their artillery kept the defenders busy by a continuous bombardment. Nonetheless, the Japanese forces suffered serious losses, as the Russian defenders were well positioned to use hand grenades and machine guns against the tightly packed mass of Japanese soldiers. On November 30, a small party of Japanese succeeded in planting the Japanese flag at the summit of the hill, but by the morning of December 1, the Russians had successfully counterattacked.
The battle continued throughout the following days with very heavy hand-to-hand combat with control of the summit changing hands several times. Finally, at 10:30 on December 5, following another massive artillery bombardment during which Russian Colonel Tretyakov was severely wounded, the Japanese managed to overrun 203 Meter Hill, finding only a handful of defenders still alive on the summit. The Russians launched two counter-attacks to retake the hill, both of which failed, and by 17:00, 203 Meter Hill was securely under Japanese control.​

Golden  Kite Order for Russo-Japanese War.jpg

Golden Kite Order  for Russo-Japanese War.jpg

Golden Kite Order for  Russo-Japanese War.jpg
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