s. tanase medal works

  1. Gifu City Emperor Taisho Silver Wedding Celebration Domestic Exhibition Award Medal/大正十四年十月岐阜市主催銀婚式奉祝国産共進会賞章

    Size 60 mm. Thickness 5 mm. Weight 151 g. Obverse 賞 - Award reverse 岐阜市主催銀婚式奉祝國産共進會 - Gifu City Silver Wedding Celebration Domestic Exhibition 大正十四年十月 - October 1925 Original case. 銀牌 - Silver Medal Medals were manufactured by Tanase workshop...
  2. Bicycle and Automobile Company Okamoto Commemorative Watch Fobs/白転車白動車製作所株式会社岡本記念章

    Obverse (at the corners) 記念 - Commemorative 名古ヤ - Nagoya Reverse 大日本 - Great Japan 名古屋 - Nagoya 株式会社 岡本 - Okamoto Co., Ltd. 白転車 - Bicycle 白動車 - Automobile 製作所 - Mfg. Co., Ltd. Marked with 純銀 - pure silver and Tanase Medal Works mark...
  3. 1931 National Junior High School Eloquence Contest Watch Fob/全国中等學生雄弁大會主催名古屋商業斈校弁論部章

    Reverse 全国中等學生雄弁大會 - National Junior High School Eloquence Contest 主催 - Organized 名古屋商業斈校弁論部 - Nagoya Commercial School Debate Club 2591 - 1931 Original case. Watch fob was made by Tanase Medal Works...
  4. Army Special Large Maneuvres in Aichi Prefecture Commemorative Cufflinks/愛知県陸軍特別大演習記念カフスボタン

    陸軍特別大演習 - Army Special Large Maneuvres 記念 - Commemorative 愛知県 - Aichi Prefecture Cufflinks were made in Nagoya by Tanase Medal Works https://asiamedals.info/threads/badges-and-medals-manufactured-by-the-s-tanase-medal-works.24130/ The most unusual design for the army-related cufflinks.
  5. Citizen's Gratitude Badge from Nagoya Shimbun/名古屋新聞社 市民惑謝章

    Width 33 mm. Height 46 mm. Weight 19.4 g. Obverse 市民惑謝章 - Citizen's Gratitude Badge + firefighting symbols. reverse 大正十四年十弐月- December 1925 主唱 - Promoted by 名古屋新聞社 - Nagoya Shimbun https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chunichi_Shimbun Badge marked with two marks. Tanase workshop mark...
  6. Table Medals of Imperial Military Reservist Association/帝國在郷軍人會 表メダル

    Size 60 mm. Thickness 6 mm. Weigh 153 g. Reverse 昭和五年十一五月三日 - November 3, 1930 役員勤続二十年記念 - commemoration of 20 years of service as an officer 帝國在郷軍人會 - Imperial Military Reservist Association Original case.