Bicycle and Automobile Company Okamoto Commemorative Watch Fobs/白転車白動車製作所株式会社岡本記念章

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Obverse (at the corners)

記念 - Commemorative
名古ヤ - Nagoya


大日本 - Great Japan
名古屋 - Nagoya
株式会社 岡本 - Okamoto Co., Ltd.

白転車 - Bicycle
白動車 - Automobile
製作所 - Mfg. Co., Ltd.

Marked with 純銀 - pure silver and Tanase Medal Works mark

Original case.

活動冩眞 - Moving Picture (i.e. a movie; term esp. used during the silent movie period)

展覧會 - Exhibition

記念 - Commemorative

Bicycle and Automobile Company Okamoto  Commemorative Watch Fob.jpg
Short History of Okamoto Bicycle Company.


Meiji Era

1885 Matsuzo Okamoto begins manufacturing bicycle parts.
1898 Starts manufacturing bicycles.
1903 Completed the first all Japanese manufactured bicycle.
1909 Company president travels to Germany and United Kingdom to collect information on bicycle manufacturing technology and purchase tooling equipment.
1910 The Okamoto brothers establish Okamoto Brothers Company and set up a factory in Nagoya to produce "The Empire" bicycle for export.

Taisho Era

1919 Okamoto Cycle & Automobile Industries is established. Manufacturer of complete bicycles and airplane parts.
1920 Completed production of the first all Japanese manufactured airplane wheel rims. Designated as airplane wheel rim supplier for military.
1921 Construction of Shigei Factory in Gifu Prefecture is completed.
1923 Production reaches 10,000 bicycles per month for a single brand.
1925 Designated as official supplier of bicycles for the Japanese Navy.

Showa Era

1927 Emperor Showa selects "The Noritsu" brand bicycle for his own.。
    Designated the official supplier of bicycles for The Ministry of Communications.
1933 Okamoto Cycle & Automobile Industries, in a joint venture with three other companies, produces the first all Japanese manufactured automobile, " The ATSUTA".
1934 Supplies sidecar equipped motorcycles to the Japanese Army。
1935 Company divided into Bicycle Production and Weaponry Production. Shigei Factory in Gifu is expanded and devoted entirely to bicycle manufacturing. In the same year, changed the company name to Okamoto Industries and completed construction of the Ogaki Factory in Ogaki City, Gifu Prefecture.
1937 Established Okamoto Airplane Industries and the Kasadera Factory in Nagoya City, Aichi Prefecture.
1939 Purchased factory in Ichinomiya, Aichi Prefecture and built another factory in Hitoyoshi City, Kumamoto Prefecture.
1940 Established the Shibata Factory in Shibata City, Niigata Prefecture.
1941 Okamoto Industries absorbed by Okamoto Airplane Industries and becomes the countries largest manufacturer of landing gears and wheel rims comprised of seven factories. The Shigei Factory is designated as a munitions factory and becomes the sole manufacturer of bicycles for the Japanese military.
1943 Constructed a top secret factory in Inuyama City, Aichi Prefecture. Factory is designated as communications factory.
1945 Following the end of WWII all factories with the exception of three (Headquarters in Nagoya City, the Kasadera Factory and Shigei Factory) closed as they are designated as factories for war reparations.
1946 Okamoto Cycle Company reestablished.
1948 The Noritsu bicycle receives Ministry of Industry Award.
1949 Designated as the official supplier for the Postal Ministry.
1952 The Noritsu bicycle receives Ministry of Trade & Commerce Award.
1955 Company is restructured factories devoted solely to bicycle production.
1956 Company changes to Okamoto Noritsu Cycle Company.
1962 Factories receive JIS (Japanese Industrial Standard) approval from Ministry of Trade and Industry.
1971 Company name changed to Noritsu Cycle Company.
1972 Tie-up with Toyota Automobiles Sales Company, Toyota Noritsu Cycle established. Japan Bicycle Promotion Institute, Japanese Bicycle Manufacturing Association and other organizations formed.
1983 Company goes out of business.​
Insurance certificate watch fob from 1950.

岡本自転車株式會社 - Okamoto Bicycle Co., Ltd..jpg

Okamoto Bicycle Co., Ltd..jpg

ノ一リツ号 - Noritsu (Noritsu was the name of the bicycle brand produced by Okamoto Bicycle Company)

保險證 - Insurance Certificate

岡本自転車株式會社 - Okamoto Bicycle Co., Ltd.


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