Original Kenpeitai Armbands/憲兵隊腕章

Same armband in wear https://asiamedals.info/threads/kenpeitai-in-photos.13976/page-4#post-354523

Original Kenpeitai Armband.jpg

Original  Kenpeitai Armband.jpg

Collection of Australian War Memorial.

Original Kenpeitai Armband.jpg

This armband was brought back from British North Borneo in 1945 by TX11594 Corporal Francis Albert Martin, who was then serving with Headquarters 9 Australian Division. Martin was born in Krugersdorf, South Africa, in 1922 and enlisted in the Second AIF in Tasmania, in September 1942. He also served with the headquarters of 12 Australian Infantry Brigade. Martin was discharged on 5 December 1945 and trained as an architect. He re-enlisted in the Army in 1952 when he was allocated the service number 64007 and given a short service commission in the Royal Australian Engineers. He retired in 1964 with the rank of major.​
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