japanese wound badge

  1. Ishikawa Prefecture Disabled Veterans Association Member's Badge/石川県傷痍軍人会員之章

    Size 15.5 mm. Obverse 石 for 石川 - Ishikawa reverse 石川県 - Ishikawa Prefecture 傷痍軍人会員之章 - Disabled Veterans Association Member's Badge
  2. Photo album "Memories of the Holy War"/聖戦の思い出アルバム

    Wound badge type 1938 + 聖戦の思い出 - Memories of the Holy War. Unfortunately all the photos were taken out.
  3. Japanese Kōshu Wound Badge with Homemade Suspension

    Thrifty veteran's badge.
  4. Badges of Shizuoka Prefecture Branch of Disabled Veterans Association/日本傷痍軍人会静岡県章

    No. 897 Reverse 静岡県 - Shizuoka Prefecture + punched number 897.
  5. Commemorative Plaque with Japanese Disabled Veterans Association Badge/傷痍軍人記章を記念額

    Commemorative plaques that was issued (approximately during 1960s-1980s) to a wounded veterans of WWII - members of Japanese Disabled Veterans Association. It has a giant size wound badge type 1938 in the center that's decorated with enamel. On the top part inscription 傷痍軍人記章 -Wounded...
  6. Japanese Wound Badge Fakes and Replicas

    Naïve fake of type 1938 badge.
  7. Type 1938 Japanese Wound Badges

    Type 1938 badge was established in two types on August 3, 1938: Type A /Kōshu - 甲種軍人傷痍記章/ badge for battle wounds and Type B /Otsushu - 乙種軍人傷痍記章/ for non-combat wounds or illness. Wound badges of old types were to be exchanged for the new type 1938. Original line drawings of both types...
  8. Japanese Disabled Veterans Association Goodwill Trips Badges/日本傷痍軍人会親善の旅章

  9. Sumiyoshi Soldier's Bereaved Families Support Association Badge/住吉軍人遺家族援護組合章

    Photo courtesy of the owner. Size 29 x 39 mm. 住吉軍人遺家族 - Sumiyoshi [Ward] Soldier Bereaved Family Sumiyoshi is one of 24 wards of Osaka, Japan. It is located on the southern part of the Uemachi Plateau, in the southernmost part of Osaka City, and is separated from Sakai City's Sakai-ku and...
  10. 2nd National Convention of Japan Disabled Veterans Association Badge/日本傷痍軍人会 㐧二回全国大会章

    Reverse 㐧二回全国大会 - 2nd National Convention
  11. Cigarette Lighters of Japan Disabled Veterans Association/日本傷痍軍人会 ライター

    Zippo. 財団法人 - Foundation 兵庫県傷痍軍人会 - Hyōgo Prefecture Disabled Veterans Association
  12. Bronze Commemorative Paperweights of Japanese Disabled Veterans Association

    Size 97 mm. 戦傷 - Wounded [Veterans Association] 広島 - Hiroshima 日傷全国合同大会 - Japan War Wounded National Joint Convention 第 28 12回大会 - No. 28 12th Convention 昭和47年十一月八日 - November 8, 1972 Original case.
  13. Fukuyama-machi Town Disabled Veterans Association Commemorative Ashtray/富久山町傷傷痍軍人会 記念灰皿

    結成二十同年記念 - 20th Anniversary of Formation 富久山町傷痍軍人会 - Fukuyama-machi Town Disabled Veterans Association
  14. War Wounded Canes from the Minister of Army and Minister of Navy/陸軍大臣 海軍大臣 戦傷奉公杖

    Minister of Army Canes manufactured by Takatoriya workshop. Made in pure silver. 陸軍大臣 - Army Minister/Minister of War Numbered 一〇〇三二 - 10 032
  15. Japanese Disabled Veterans Association Badge with kanji "身"/日本傷痍軍人会"身"章

    Another variant https://asiamedals.info/threads/japanese-disabled-veterans-association-badges-with-kanji.24005/ Photo courtesy of the owner. Obverse stylized kanji 身 - Body; Identity.
  16. Japan Disabled Veterans Association Tie Pins and Bolo Ties

  17. "Maltese Cross" Badges of Japan Disabled Veterans Association/"マルタ十字 "大日本傷痍軍人會役員徽章

    Base metal. Size 48 x 22 mm. Reverse vertically 48年 = 1973 両陛下行章啓 - Their Majesties [Visit] Badge horizontally 功労章 - Merit Badge (財)日本傷痍軍人会 - Foundation Disabled Veterans Association Badge variation with green enamel. Photo courtesy of the owner.
  18. Kyosukekai Kyoto Branch Membership Badge/協助会京都府支部会員章

    Obverse 协助 - Assist; help; give assistance reverse 協助會京都府支部會員章 - Kyosukekai Kyoto Branch Membership Badge /協助會 - Kyōsuke-kai - Assistance Association/
  19. Greater Japan Disabled Veterans Association Official’s Hat Badge/大日本傷痍軍人會役員徽章

    See https://asiamedals.info/threads/greater-japan-disabled-veterans-association-officials-badge.24012/
  20. Greater Japan Disabled Veterans Association Official’s Badge/大日本傷痍軍人會役員徽章

    Post war version of this badge https://asiamedals.info/threads/japan-disabled-veterans-association-officers-badge.24009/ 1st variation /double pin in base metal/ Approximate height 20 mm. Approximate width 19 mm. Silvered badge. Reverse 大日本傷痍軍人會 - Greater Japan Disabled Veterans...