russo-japanese war

  1. Military Personnel Comfort Association War Campaign Commemorative Badge/慰安会戦役記念章

    Obverse 戦役 - War Campaign 記念 -Commemorative 慰安會 - [Military Personnel] Comfort/Consolation Association
  2. 9th Division Conquest of Russia Commemorative Watch Fob/九師弐輸征露役紀念章

    Obverse 征露役 - Conquest of Russia 紀念 - Commemorative 九師 - 9th Division 弐輸 - 2nd Transport Regiment The first commander of the 9th Division was Lieutenant General Ōshima Hisanao, who commanded the division as part of General Nogi Maresuke's Japanese Third Army in the Russo-Japanese War of...
  3. Bilingual Russo-Japanese War Commemorative Watch Fob/征露紀念章

    征露紀念 - Commemoration of Russo-Japanese War 紀元弍千五百六十四年 - 2564th Year of Japanese Era 西暦千九百四年 - 1904 A.D. 光緖三十年 - 30th Year of Kocho (30th year of Chinese Guangxu era = 1904) 光武八年 - 8th Year of Kobu (8th year of Korean Gwangmu era = 1904)
  4. Russo-Japanese War Commemorative Urushi/征露凱旋記念盃

    Height 4 cmю Diameter 10.8 cmю Bottom diameter 4 cmю 柳瀬製 - Made by Yanase 征露記念 - Attacking [Conquer; Subjugate] Russia Triumphant Return
  5. 7th class Golden Kite and 7th class Rising Sun orders awarded in 1906 to Former Army Infantry Sergeant Sutejiro Morita for the Russo-Japanese War

    Both orders were awarded on April 1, 1906 to former army infantry sergeant Sutejiro Morita /元陸軍歩兵軍曹森田捨次郎/. 7th class Golden Kite order. Case. Document. Kite No. 61 359
  6. Watch Fob with Nogi Maresuke Poem/陸軍大將乃木希典佰章

    Photo courtesy of the owner. Obverse 乃木 希典佰 - Nogi Maresuke 陸軍大將 - Army General reverse Nogi Kanshi poem (poems in the Chinese language) 凱旋/Triumph. 皇師百萬征強虜 野戰攻城屍作山 愧我何顔看父老 凱歌今日幾人還 Million-strong Imperial Army on a crusade against powerful barbarians the battle and siege resulted in...
  7. 30th Anniversary Commemoration of Participation in the Russo-Japanese War Badge/帝国在郷軍人会露戰勝参加参拾週年紀念章

    Photo courtesy of the owner. Height 31.6 mm. Width 22.6 mm. Weight 10.2 g. Obverse 戰勝 - Victory reverse 帝国在郷軍人会 - Imperial Reservists Association 露戰勝参加 - Russo-Japanese War Participation 参拾週年紀念 - 30th Anniversary Commemoration 昭和十年 - 1935
  8. Attacking Russia Commemorative Watch Fob/明治三十七年征露記念章

    Obverse 征露記念 - Attacking [Conquering] Russia Commemorative Marked with S inside a star.
  9. Sakata City Volunteer Service Association 1904-05 War Commemorative Badge/明治卅七八年戰役縣形山酒田奉公義會記念章

    Photo courtesy of the owner. Diameter 24.5 mm. Weight 7.9 g. Obverse 義勇奉公 - Loyalty and Courage 明治卅七八年戰役 - 1904-05 War reverse 縣形山 - Yamagata Province 酒田奉公義會 - Sakata [Town] Volunteer Service Association Original case. 奉公記念 - Service Corps Commemorative 明治三十七八年戰役紀念トツテ -...
  10. 43rd Infantry Regiment Russia Conquest Triumphal Return Commemorative Watch Fob/出征歩兵第四十三聯隊征露凱旋記念章

    Size 17×23mm. Obverse 征露- Attacking [Conquer; Subjugate] Russia 凱旋記念 - Triumphal Return Commemorative reverse 出征歩兵 - Expedition Infantry 第四十三聯隊 - 43rd Regiment
  11. 1904 Attacking Russia Commemorative Watch Fob/明治三十七年征露記念章

    Specimen with suspension Photo courtesy of the owner. Size 25.4 mm. Weight 7.2 g. Reverse 征露記念 - Attacking [Conquer; Subjugate] Russia Commemorative 明治三十七年 - 1904
  12. Port Arthur Fall Commemorative Watch Fob/明治三八年一月一日旅順陥落記念章

    Photo courtesy of the owner. Height 33.8 mm. Width 19.2 mm. Weight (including links) 8.1 g. Reverse engraved 明治三八年一月一日 - January 1, 1905 旅順陥落記念 - Port Arthur Fall Commemorative Railway sapper troops emblem.
  13. 1904-5 Navy Meritorious Service Association Campaign Commemorative Watch Fob/明治三七八年海軍勳功表彰會戰役記念章

    Photo courtesy of the owner. Height 19 mm. Width 18.7 mm. Weight 2.9 g. Reverse 明治三七八年 - 1904-5 海軍勳功表彰會 - Navy Meritorious Service Association 戰役記念 - Campaign Commemorative
  14. Imperial Military Reservist Association Russo-Japanese War 30th Anniversary Commemorative Badge/日露戰捷三十週年紀念事役紀念章

    Obverse 日露戰捷三十週年紀念事役 - Russo-Japanese War 30th Anniversary Commemorative reverse 二五九五 - 1935 帝国在 郷軍人會 - Imperial Military Reservist Association 一宮市第二分會 - 2nd Branch of Ichinomiya City
  15. Port Arthur Battlefield Pilgrimage Commemorative Badge/旅順戦跡巡拝記念章

    Obverse 旅順戦跡巡拝 - Lushun /Port Arthur/ Battlefield Pilgrimage Original paper pocket. 旅順戦跡巡拝記念 - Lushun Battlefield Pilgrimage Commemorative Badge
  16. 30th Anniversary of the Tsushima Battle Commemorative Watch Fob/日露海戦三拾周年紀念章

    Photo courtesy of the owner. Size 24.5 mm. Weight 8.1 g. Reverse 日露海戦三拾周年紀念 - Russo-Japanese Naval Battle [i.e. Battle of Tsushima] 30th Anniversary Commemorative 昭和十年五月卄七日 - May 27, 1935
  17. Russo-Japanese War Triumphal Return Commemorative Coin-Shaped Watch fob/日露戰役凱旋紀念章

    Photo courtesy of the owner. Size 27.9 mm. Weight 8.5 g. 日露戰役 - Russo-Japanese War 凱旋紀念 - Triumphal Return Commemorative Original case. 凱旋紀念 - Triumphal Return Commemorative
  18. 33rd Reserve Infantry Regiment Russia Conquest Commemorative Watch Fob/後歩三三征露記念章

    Reverse 征露記念 - Russia Conquest Commemorative 後歩三三 - 33rd Reserve Infantry Regiment 止三- 3rd Batallion (?)
  19. Yokosuka Navy Personnel Department 30th Anniversary of the Russo-Japanese War Commemorative Badge/横須賀海軍入事部日露戦役三十周年記念章

    Reverse 日露戦役三十周年記念 - 30th Anniversary of the Russo-Japanese War Commemorative 神奈川県 - Kanagawa Prefecture 横浜市 - Yokohama City 横須賀海軍入事部 - Yokosuka Navy Personnel Department 甲府聯隊区司令部 - Kofu Regimental District Headquarters 昭和十年 - 1935 Case (most likely it is not original to the badge). 記念 -...
  20. Russo-Japanese War Triumphal Return Commemorative Badge/日露戦役記念章

    Obverse 戦役記念 - Triumphal Return Commemorative reverse 日露 - Russo-Japanese War 明治卅七年二月宣戦 - February 1904 Declaration of War 明治卅八年十月克復 - October 1905 Victory [overcoming, subjugation] Case.