imperial soldiers' relief association

  1. Imperial Soldiers' Relief Association Officers and Employees Badge/帝国軍人後援会役職員徽章

    Original case. 役職員徽章 - Officers and Staff /Officers and Employees/ Badge 帝國軍人後援會 - Imperial Soldiers' Relief Association
  2. 40th Anniversary of Imperial Soldiers' Relief Association Commemorative Badge/帝国軍人後援会創立四十周年記念章

    This badge was made in 1936 in commemoration of 40th Anniversary of Imperial Soldiers' Relief Association. Reverse 記念章 - Commemorative Badge Original case. 帝國軍人後援會 - Imperial Soldiers' Relief Association 創立四十周年記念章 - 40th Anniversary Commemorative Badge
  3. 1940 Toshima Ward Autonomy Merit Badge/紀元二千六百年豊島區自治功勞章

    Reverse 自治功勞章 - Autonomy Merit Badge 紀元二千六百年 - 2600 Imperial Year = 1940 豊島區 - Toshima Ward
  4. Soldier’s Bereaved Families Relief Badge/軍人遺族救護義會章

    Pin with the six-pointed star. Reverse 軍人遺族救護義會 - Soldier’s Bereaved Family Relief Association
  5. Soldier’s Bereaved Families Relief Association Membership Badge/軍人遺族救護義會會員徽章

    Forerunner of the Imperial Soldier’s Relief League. 1st type badges. 1st variation was manufactured by Gyokuhō workshop in Tokyo. Photo courtesy of the owner. Reverse 軍人遺族 - Soldier’s [Military Personnel] Bereaved Family 救護義會 - Relief Association 會員徽章 - Membership Badge Original case...
  6. Imperial Gift Foundation Imperial Soldier’s Relief Association Badges ("Two Crossed Shields" Badges)/恩賜財團 軍人援護會章

    Association was founded by Imperial Rescript on October 3, 1938 (its predecessor - Imperial Soldiers' Relief Association The Emperor donated 300 million yen to the association, hence its...